Yankees Did What They Had To Do

A first major league win and a team win would've been sweet. Didn't get neither of those things, but still, the New York Yankees leave Toronto looking good.

Of course win today would've been great. But let's face it, the Yankees did what they had to do. It's difficult to sweep a hot team at their own home. So their job was to take two from three - and they did. Also, another thing to strongly consider about the Yankees is they made the Blue Jay offense look beatable.

The Yankee pitching in this series only gave up ONE homerun, which came at today's game. And that homerun came from Jose Batista who should've never gotten an at-bat in that bottom third. That was the inning Carlos Beltran dropped the fly ball that was hit by Troy Tulowitzki, from the bright sun shine overlapping right-field.

Can't blame Beltran for that drop ball. Actually, he was solid defensively this whole series, getting to balls. Played a nice right-field.

That caused the Blue Jays to score three runs; a Josh Donaldson RBI single that brought home Tulo, then Batista two-homer. They caught a little momentum in that bottom third. After that, like this whole series, they were blanked.

Throughout this series, the Jays only had good inning offensively. Ivan Nova and Masahiro Tanaka both had one inning where the Jays scored on them. Take those innings away, the Yankees leave the Jays scoreless.

Same goes to today's Yankee starter, Luis Severino, who also had just one bad inning. It sucked he couldn't get a win from that performance. Severino goes 6-innings, 5 hits and 9 strikeouts. By far, his best game in the bigs.

Now I know why Brian Cashman didn't trade this kid.

Severino doesn't just throw hard. His stuff is heavy; it's late movement. He throws a heavy fastball, a 92-mph slider and at one moment of the game he threw a 93-mph slider.

In this series, we learned that the Yankees don't need to go after James Shields. Especially when they have Michael Pineda coming back.

Man, look how young this Yankee pitching staff looks - Tanaka 26, Pineda 26, Severino 21, Nova 28.

How dominant Severino looked in this game, you can argue he could potentially become a game two pitcher in the playoffs. The way Tanaka looked on Saturday, he for sure has the game one ball. After that, it could be anyone. Even Nova. But Severino has a chance to be a top pitcher for the Yankees in the postseason. He's that dominant.

Or, what they could do is, put Severino in the bullpen to shorten the game, if they make to the postseason, barring Nova and Pineda are healthy and pitching well. Because Severino is young; Yankees could start him, but pitchers like Nova who are more experienced pitching in October, might be a safer bet. But the way Severino pitches and looks, I would not mind him starting in October.

YES Network had a split screen of Severino's windup and on the other side pitcher Bob Gibson's windup. The similarity was a uncanny.