Where Was the Yankee Stadium Crowd?

The New York Yankee organization, does a lot of things right. They give back to people, like George Steinbrenner always did. They give the fans winning season every year; they make money and put into the team. But the one thing they screwed up, that would've made them spotless if they didn't screw up this certain thing, was the crowd noise.

Today was a big game. The Yankees are trying to hold on to a 4.5 game lead in the A.L East, while playing the team trying to catch them, Toronto Blue Jays, who are in second place. And the crowd for this game, was horrible. It wasn't even a crowd -- it was like a library at Yankee Stadium today.

Where's the noise?! In the bottom tenth, when the Yankees were down 2-1, the crowd was dead. No rally noise or hopeful cheering. Nothing.

The new Yankee Stadium is beautiful, okay. There's nothing not to like about it. But you know what, after noticing the crowd noise being gone and having bunch of these so-called "Yankee fans" sitting at the premium seats behind home plate and behind the dugout, I wish we still have the old Yankee Stadium around.

Especially the people sitting behind the plate. These people who sit there, who I'm sure have no clue what's going on or how the game is played; they're probably so clueless to where I'm sure one of them said: 'When's Derek Jeter coming to bat'? They probably don't know who Mike Trout is.

Some of those people behind home plate are the reason why the new Yankee Stadium is so quiet. Don't tell me it's because of the way the building is structured. No... Those people are the reason why! Those people who aren't real Yankee fans, that have tickets given to them.

And when they have tickets given to them, they also probably say: 'Todd, we're going to the Giants game today!'

The Yankees need to put the bleacher creatures behind home plate. If they do that, the crowd noise will come back.

If they're ticket season holders for some of the people seating at the premium seats, then that's fine. That's a different story. But I'm sure not all of them are. Most of those tickets are given to those people.

Yankee Stadium was a church, today. This was a big game! We're facing the Blue Jays, who've won seven-in-a-row -- now eight-in-a-row. Where's the excitement!?

Last weekend, watching the New York Mets sweep the Washington Nationals and watching Citi Field rock the house in three of those games, was amazing. Yes, I understand Mets fans haven't had meaningful August baseball in a while. But still, they helped their team sweep the Nats last weekend.

I bet, if the Yankees were in Toronto tonight, the Roger Center would've been rockin'.

The Steinbrenners have to figure out something to get the true Yankee fans behind home plate.

They're noisy Yankee fans in the stadium -- they're just in the wrong seats. They need to get closer to the game.