Luis Severino: Ace Mentality

Yea he's got great fastball; he's gotta a 92-mph slider; 90-mph change-up. That's all great. But what I loved about Luis Severino's debut tonight, is his makeup on the mound.

After the David Ortiz solo homerun the 21-year-old rookie served, he went right the next three batters: struck out Hanley Ramirez, grounded out Pablo Sandoval and struck out Mike Napoli. When I saw that, that's when I knew this kid could be the real deal.

Severino just looks fearless. You can have the most unbelievable mechanics, with a Nolan Ryan fastball, Randy Johnson slider, Greg Maddux two-seam fastball, Sandy Koufax curveball and still suck in the majors. You gotta have the stubborn, competitive emotion in this league, in order to succeed.

I saw that competitive emotion from Severino, tonight. Witnessing that made me realize this kid could be something special. He just has that certain look his eyes and something in his body language, that he wants to be great. You can just tell Severino isn't here to be the no.5 starter in this rotation.

The Severino looked, and if he has stretch where he looks dominant in almost every start in August and September, and helps the Yankees make the playoffs, I would not be surprise if he becomes the game one starter. Remember in 2005, Yankees put rookie Chien-Ming Wang on front of Randy Johnson in the playoff rotation.

Yes, you need have a competitive nature to become an ace in the MLB. But, I must say, I want blown away by Severino's 92-mph slider. I've never seen a slider with that much velocity. Last time I saw a pitcher who threw the slider that hard, was Brad Lidge.

I can't wait to see his next start.


Man, I really thought Carlos Beltran was gonna end the game in the ninth. Or, after the pass ball that lead Chris Young to go to second base, I for sure felt he was gonna tie it, by going the other way with a base it.

Didn't happen... Yankees lose 2-1.

I felt like through the entire game, the Yankees were trying too hard to pull Steven Wright's knuckleball pitches. Go the opposite way. If you can't pull, go to a second option.

Brian McCann's sprain MCL, hurts him and it hurts us Yankee fans. Even though he did pinch-hit for Didi Gregorius tonight in the ninth, when the Yanks had the tying and lead runners on base. With the Toronto Blue Jays coming to town this weekend, it would be tough not to have him in the lineup.