Yankees: Shields or Garza should be Targeted in August

Yankees didn't get a pitcher at the July deadline? That's okay! We'll just have to wait t'll a team like the San Diego Padres, to go through every damn team, to see if they want one of their pitchers. And hoping a team that's not in contention, blocks the pitcher.

But players do pass through waivers. One of the pitchers that's "expected" to pass waivers, is James Shields.

During Friday's deadline, there was a report stating the New York Yankees not being interested in taking a contract like Shields. Can you blame them? Shields has $21 million coming to him in the next three seasons, with $16 million coming in the fourth year but has a $2 million dollar buyout to it.

If Shields were to pass through waivers and the Padres are out of it in late August, If I'm the Yankees I'm interested, but I'm not giving the Padres anything big; nothing. I'll give them one prospect. That's it. Even if San Diego took some money off the contract, I'm still not giving someone like Jorge Mateo, whose the a-ball shortstop San Diego wanted for Craig Kimbrel.

God forbid, the only way the Yankees should give up Mateo for Shields is if one of the big Yankee pitchers goes down for the season. Then, the Yankees have all the right to panic and make move like that.

Then there's another pitcher, who I find very interesting; haven't heard his name being talked about passing through waiver, or talked about before the trade deadline. That pitcher: Matt Garza.

A pitcher like Garza, if I'm the Yankees, I'm gonna take a hard look at. Yes, he hasn't been the same pitcher from his days with the Tampa Bay Rays, and no he's not currently having the greatest season. But if you bring Garza back to the A.L East, I think he becomes rejuvenated again.

Garza is pitching for a team, in the Milwaukee Brewers, that's losing almost every night. It's a losing mentality of an environment, over there. He needs to return to a winning environment, with great players around him, like his days with Tampa Bay. A passionate pitcher like that needs to be on a winning team.

Put Garza with a catcher like Brian McCann -- Garza can become great again.

Look what the Yankees did last year with Brandon McCarthy, where he became a totally different pitcher than what he was with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I could see that happening with Garza.

The Brewers right-hander is making $12 million in the next two season with third year having a vesting option and $5 million dollar team option.

Garza's contract isn't that bad. He's a pitcher who can clear through waivers. If Jeff Samardzija can clear waivers, then I'd get Samardzija. But I bet some dorko team is gonna block him.

Either it's Garza or Shields, Yankees need one of them. They need a veteran like that, whose done it in the postseason and obviously done it in the in the A.L East, and most importantly they can eat up innings.

Yankees don't have a veteran pitcher, they can count on to give them seven innings, with only allowing two runs. They use to have that type of pitcher, in Hiroki Kuroda. Not anymore.

Yankees have to get an old Tampa Bay Ray, in August.

But boy, if Samardzija can clear waivers...