Luis Severino is a Right-Handed David Price?

Before I do the impossible, which is compare a lefty to a righty pitcher, I have announce the anticipated debut of Luis Severino, who will be called up and most likely will pitch this coming Tuesday, at Yankee Stadium, against the Boston Red Sox.

The New York Yankees and GM Brian Cashman did not want to give up Severino at all, before the trade deadline. Me, on the other hand, was okay with trading Severino for a top flight pitcher like Cole Hamels and David Price.

A Yankee fan like myself, who didn't see much of a hype in Severino, had to look at his videos to really see the talent in this kid. As I was doing that, and watching Severino pitch, something about his windup and his finish when he releases the ball, reminded me of someone. And coincidentally, it reminded me of David Price.

Yes, I understand you can't compare lefty pitchers to righties. But, my goodness, look at the similarity.

They both hide the ball in the mitt, right at waist; same pickup leg; the same throwing style, like they slash the ball to the plate and the same finish when they pickup their push off leg up and ends up high off the ground, bended.

No, this doesn't mean Severino is gonna be great, like Price. But it is amazing how similar their windups are.

So if you're like me and felt the Yankees should've gotten something for Severino, this could lighten your mood. Or better yet, a way for Severino to lighten your mood is for him to become the second best pitcher in the staff in August and September.