McCann, Kimbrel Reunion?

For those who say: 'Why would Craig Kimbrel come to a team that's already setup with two great back-end relievers?'

Because of Brian McCann.

There's other reasons why San Diego Padre closer would be okay with coming to a team that has Andrew Miller for the ninth and Dellin Betances in the eighth. But if he does, it's because Kimbrel knows the Yankee catcher very well. And most importantly, he was great with McCann behind the plate, when they were together as Atlanta Braves.

Would Kimbrel be interested in coming to a team that already had Betances and Miller? First of all, he has no say where he wants to go. He doesn't have a no-trade clause. The Padres can deal him to whoever.

Though Kimbrel could see what's going with the New York Yankees, with them being first place; 6-games up in the A.L East, with a great offense and Kimbrel knowing with him in an already unhittable bullpen, the Yankees can really capture their 28th World Champion. But with McCann on the Yankees, might make the decision even sweeter, for Kimbrel.

You know McCann has been keeping tabs with Kimbrel via text. With McCann probably raving how awesome it'd be to have his former teammate on the Yankees, catching a dream tandem into October.

The texts probably went like this:

McCann: 'Bro, come to the Yankees!'

Kimbrel: 'I can't! You guys already have Betances and Miller. Where do I fit?! Shit makes no sense, BRUH!'

McCann: 'No, no, no... Listen - we'll make the game shorter for the starting pitcher. We'll be so dominant, the game would be over in the 7th.'

Kimbrel: 'Yea, yea, yea... True dat...'

If Kimbrel does come to the Bronx, with him, Betances and Miller, the Yankees could have their own version of the Yankees, 2015 Nasty Boys. For those too young to know, the Cincinnati Reds had a killer bullpen called the Nasty Boys in 1990 - relief pitchers Norm Chariton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers. They were so dominate in the back-end of the bullpen, the Reds swept the Okaland Athletics in the World Series.

Like WFan radio host Mike Francesa commented the Yankees interest on Kimbrel: "Have to see to believe." And I have to agree. Would Kimbrel be okay pitching the 7th inning? Or pitching the 8th?

He could close. Miller would be okay with it -- I think.

Yankees really don't need another closer. They need a starter. After news on Michael Pineda going on the 15-day D.L due to forearm strain, Ivan Nova having a little fatigue and C.C Sabathia, just simply, not pitching like he once did, Yanks may have to burn up the phone lines on Friday for a starter, before the deadline.

It would've more difficult to accept a role like this, when you're already self-made, four-time closer. McCann being on the Yankees helps the Yankees get a happy Kimbrel. Not a upset Kimbrel who was forced to come to a team with other closers on it. If he has to pitch the 7th or 8th innings, he'll be okay with it since his old buddy is on the team. And a chance at a World Series title doesn't hurt, either.

Many executives believe Yankees will get Kimbrel. We'll see tomorrow afternoon...

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...