Yankees Should Give Up Severino for Hamels

How can any Yankee fan not want Cole Hamels after his sensational no-hitter on Saturday, against the Chicago Cubs.

I would do Severino for Hamels. Yankee GM Brian Cashman doesn't want to do that. So far, the Yankees have told every team that prospects - OF Aaron Judge, 1B Greg Bird, RHP Luis Severino and SS Jorge Mateo are all untouchable. But all of them shouldn't be.

I understand the Yankees not giving Judge and Bird; I wouldn't either. Although, Severino for Cole Hamels, I would do. I'm trading pitching for pitching.

I've always been for trading Severino. I shouldn't judge from what I saw in spring training, but what I saw out of him was fastballs and sliders. To me, he looks like a potential relief pitcher -- nothing else.

I'm incline to keep the position players. That's the new wave in the majors, now. The young, flashy outfielder or infielder is what teams build around, now, then they go spend on starting pitching. Example: Look at the Chicago Cubs: Multiple young position players, but they buy their pitching. They bought Jon Lester and they might be looking to sign David Price this offseason.

Same goes to the Washington Nationals -- young position players, but they buy their pitching.

Yankees need Judge and Bird. Carlos Beltran is gonna be gone in a year, or might be gone next season, which leaves Judge to replace him in right field and Mark Teixeira has a year left in his contract, which holds a position for Bird in 2017.

Severino, to me, looks like another Edwin Jackson. Not taking anything away from Jackson, he was a solid pitcher, but not to view as an "untouchable".

Barring the Philadelphia Phillies and GM Ruban Amaro wanting more than Severino; if Severino and Bird is the asking price, then I'm not gonna do it. But for Severino, Gary Sanchez and Rob Refsnyder for Hamels - it's a done deal. For me, it is.

If the Yankees are gonna acquire a pitcher that's gonna replace C.C Sabathia, it's gotta be for a big pitcher. They can't replace him with Mike Leake.

If David Price becomes available with Hamels, between the two, I'd pick Hamels. For the obvious, like his contract, he's under control for a couple years and he's a pitcher who doesn't need high velocity to win game. With Price, his fastball has to be in the mid-90s to win. Even though I'd still love to have him on the Yankees.

I'd understand Severino being a lefty, making him very valuable with the Yankees. Also the Yankees are gonna have to wait a while t'll Severino is fully ready to pitch 150-innings and over, to be a top end starter.

Brian Cashman has to do the deal if it's only gonna cost Severino. We've been through this road hundred times with the Yankees, where they prize their prospect pitchers and they end up failing.

And again, it's all about position players. That's the new wave in the majors. Look at Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Paul Goldschmidt. It's not about the young pitcher anymore. Championship teams buy pitching.