Tulo to Jays: Could Mean Reyes to the Mets?

What just happened and with what the potential names on the block that might be dealt, this has the chance to be the greatest MLB Trade Deadline of all-time.

Wow! The Toronto Blue Jays just acquired Colorado Rockies all-star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.

When I read Ken Rosenthal's tweet that said: "BREAKING: Tulo to the Jays!" I had to check the profile to see if it wasn't a phony Rosenthal user. And when I found it was actually Rosenthal tweeting that, I still couldn't believe it!

But now this becomes interesting. For the Jays? Sure. For the Rockies? Yes. But also for another team -- the New York Mets. Huh? Yes, the Mets!

The Blue Jays sent back shortstop Jose Reyes and two minor leaguers for Tulo. Now, to me, that's not enough. Something is brewing here.

Last night, I made a column that I felt Tulo could be headed to the Mets this week. Because shortstop is the only position they have left open to fill in. On top of that, the Mets and Rockies have had lots and lots of talks in that past few months.

Something tells me that Met GM Sandy Alderson and Rockies GM Jeff Bridich had talks about Tulo going to New York, but the Mets couldn't take his contract. While Bridich liked what the Mets have in the farm, though Alderson who needs a hitting shortstop, didn't like Tulo's contract.

So maybe, Bridich told Alderson: 'We're gonna trade Tulo to Toronto for Reyes. Then we'll swap you Reyes for Zack Wheeler and/or Steven Matz'.

Remember, Rockies might not need much for Reyes, since they're getting the two minor leaguers from Toronto.

This would be like a separate three-team deal.

Another thing you have to realize, Reyes is not the Rockies future. He's not a player you build around for the future. He's 32-years old; older than Tulo.

Stay tune. Mets and Rockies have had numerous talks. Don't be shocked if the Rockies flip Reyes back to Queens.