Reason Why Mets Could Land Tulowitzki, This Week

There's actually a chance of this happening.

With New York Mets and general manager Sandy Alderson acquiring Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson this past week and bringing up top prospect Michael Conforto, that leaves only one position open for Alderson to fill in. Shortstop.

Are the Mets going to get outfielder Justin Upton? But wait, they have Conforto playing left field, Curtis Granderson playing right field and Juan Lagares and Kirk Nieuwenhuis platooning in center. Where's the room for Upton?

The Met outfield is already stacked.

That's why I say Troy Tulowitzki has got to be in the Mets radar and possibly looking to be dealt to New York as soon as this week.

The Mets have had a lot of discussions with the Colorado Rockies. Even from the beginning of the season. There's been many dialogues between the two teams.

"the Mets made a push for Troy Tulowitzki but came away with the impression that the Rockies will not move him" -from Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal

With the recent report between the Mets and Rockies where the Mets felt the Rockies might want to keep Tulo, sounded strange. The report sounded like a negotiation tactic by the Rockies, and/or the Mets.

If the Mets get Jay Bruce, where are they gonna put him? In right field? That's Granderson position -- and he's playing well.

Sounds to good to be true and I don't wanna get Met fans wilded up, but Tulo to the Mets sounds like a reality. We'll see what happens.