How About Pedro Alvarez on the Mets

Yup, that's the tweet. Would Met fans be interested?

Pedro Alvarez could be a perfect pickup for the Mets. Plays first base and third; has power and is from New York.

But what makes this interesting is the Mets would acquiring Alvarez from a winning team. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 15-games over .500 (record of 55-40), they hold the second wild card and looking to be their at the end. And they will.

The Mets have a PERFECT pitcher to send back to Pittsburgh; not a young prospect or a prospect that hasn't pitched in the majors yet. That pitcher is Jonathon Niese.

Niese is a pitcher that could make the Pirates lightyears better.

As a Yankee fan  I wish the Yankees could get Niese. Put him on a high offensive team and he'll win 14-games. Maybe 15.

Niese for Alvarez. Perfect deal!

Though the question the Pirates need Niese? Pirates already have a pretty solid top-three front of the rotation.

If Alvarez only cost the Mets - Niese, that'll put them in a position to get another bat. Mets have more pieces to get a Justin Upton or Carlos Gomez.

Alvarez and Gomez would help the Mets immensely.