Tigers have what Yankees & Mets need

David Price to the Yankees.

Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets.

The two New York baseball teams needs are what the Detroit Tigers are selling -- and yes, the Tigers have become sellers.

The New York Mets need a bat. Sure, any big bat would make sense for the Mets, but Cespedes might an offensive that can carry the entire lineup. He's definitely a game changer.

This team needs someone who can hit two homeruns in one game. They need that type of offensive bat.

Cespedes is not only a perfect bat for the Mets, but also perfect - contract wise. Cespedes will be become a free agent this offseason -- the Mets have the luxury and those type of players to offer for a rental. They can offer the Tigers, starter Jonathon Niese.

If the Mets can land Cespedes, then they go trade for Jean Segura and/or Aramis Ramirez.

Then in comes the Yankees -- who might wanna call the Tigers about that nice, lefty starter of theirs.

Brian Cashman spoke to the media yesterday about his chances making a move at the deadline. He was asked if the Yankees would be in for a starting pitcher and he said, it'd have to be a starter thats better than what the Yankees have now, in the rotation. Well...I don't think the Yankees currently have David Price in the rotation, do they!?

Price will make the Yankees championship caliber. No question about it. He could end up being the game one starter in the playoffs. Johnny Cueto would be nice -- but he's not Price. Cole Hamels would be good too -- but he too, is not David Price.

Last year on July 31st, Yankees were in discussions with the Tampa Bay Rays about Price, in the very last minutes deadline. Though they came up short, as the Rays dealt him to the Tigers -- I don't think the Rays would've sent him to the Yankees for any offer.

It's either the Yankees get a big time pitcher or no pitcher. No use of getting trading prospects for Mike Leake or Scott Kazmir. When they can use those prospects to get something better. Those pitchers aren't make a different. But if we're talking about Price? Big difference.

I always said, if the Yankees were to get a pitcher at the deadline, it'd have to be for a left hander. Either Hamels or Kazmir -- but those names didn't sound all that great to me either. David Price? Who has playoff experience...a potential ace...a dominant lefty for Yankee Stadium... Sounds right to me.

This is the type players Yankees go all out for. Look how bad they went after Cliff Lee in 2011 -- they almost had him in that July.

Cashman, yesterday, also indicated - in the words he used -- that there's no use of wasting "bullets" (bullets - meaning, trading prospects) for something that isn't needed. Would getting Price be "wasting bullets"? I don't think so.

Cespedes for the Mets - Price for the Yankees. Or hey, maybe the Yankees and Mets can come together to make a three-team trade with the Tigers.