Top-10 Players Mets Need to Acquire before Deadline

Sandy Alderson and the New York Mets have to pretend the Met fans are their spoiled daughters and give them an MTV Super Sweet Sixteen bash.

Alderson would be like those dads who reach into their pockets with unease -- having to to spend an extra $10 million just to make their daughters happy. Then Alderson would make that 'I can't believe I'm doing this' face, as he reaches for his checkbook.
Though the difference here is, Met fans aren't spoiled. They just wanna win. They're tired of looking from out the window in October, since 2006.

Right now, the New York Mets are 47-42 at the All-Star break, two-games behind the first place     48-39 Washington Nationals in the N.L East. When you're that close before the All-Star break, with the pitching the Mets have, you have to make...a...move.

After the break, the trade deadline is gonna hot. Teams who are looking to get pieces to improve their club, are gonna tell the Mets: 'You're not gonna get that player? Fine, we'll take him'.

The Mets find, might be a little different than other teams' find. Mets, believe or not, might be looking for something more expensive than what other teams are looking for. And at this point, they can't look for anything cheap. The Mets can't approve by adding a bat that's gonna help coming off the bench, to pinch-hit a pitcher. Or adding a player whose got 5 homeruns and no track record.

I decided to make a top-ten list of offensive players in order, that could or will, take the Mets back to the postseason season since 2006.

10. Pablo Sandoval -- Boston Red Sox third baseman
The Panda?

Would the Boston Red Sox consider trading their newly, $100 million dollar player? The Sox are in last place. They've been known to trading stars players in the middle of the season. But the real question is, would the Mets be interested?

Looking at another third baseman might be a problem. Wright is supposedly returning, might be no need to get a third baseman. But if something happens where can't come back, then maybe there can be interest between the Sox and Mets.

Sox would LOVE to make a deal with the Mets, with the Mets young pitching. Though, I don't know if the Mets would take that contract.

Pablo Sandoval has really gone off the track with the Red Sox -- when he got in trouble for being on his phone, liking photos on Instagram. And now he has become a one sided hitter -- he doesn't switch-hitter anymore. Hitting from the right side has been so bad, he's now become a lefty hitter.

A far-fetched idea, but we all know how Sandoval can dominate and carry a team by himself in the postseason.

9. Brett Lawrie - Oakland Athletics' third baseman

This is an interesting player.

As a Yankee fan, I always liked Brett Lawrie when he would visit the Bronx as a Toronto Blue Jay. Great defensive player, very good bat (not great), but the thing I always liked about him is his passion.

Lawrie is a type of player that brings his emotions to the field. Something the Mets can use. They need a little attitude and personality on their club.

Though the problem is, Lawrie is a third baseman. David Wright is expected to come back, from his spinal stenosis injury. But if there's news about Wright not being able to return, why not the Mets take a look at Lawrie.

If Athletics' general manager can trade Josh Donaldson and are not looking to go nowhere this season, I can't why not they be interested in talking about a deal for Lawrie -- especially to a team with young pitching like the Mets.

Might not cost you much, either.

8. Alexei Ramirez -- Chicago White Sox shortstop

You get this player only if there's nothing out there.

As you see, Alexei Ramirez wouldn't be no.1 on my list with 2 homeruns and only 27-RBIs this season. Not a guy the Mets should be after, really.

BUT, you look at his past numbers, where Ramirez has hit 15-homeruns and drove in 70 runs -- maybe he finds it again with a change of scenery. He sees those gaps in Citi Field and New York fever, he might become enthuse.

Would not be my first choice for the Mets, but it's a flyer I'm willing to take if nothing is out there.

7. Hanley Ramirez -- Boston Red Sox left fielder

I think there's a shot of this happening.

Would the Red Sox be interested in giving away Hanley Ramirez? I'm gonna say: yes. He's already in awkward stance with the Sox, when they asked Ramirez if he'd move to first base and he said: no.

But boy, can he hit. When I was watching play the Yankees last weekend, he had a big hit in almost every at-bat.

Problem with Ramirez, which has always been the problem with him, is injuries. He's always got something bothering him; he pulls something every month, it seems. And with the Mets luck, I don't know they'd risk an injury prone player making $22 million a year.

It's a risk. But you know what, the Mets probably don't have to give up much to get him. If they can take all of Ramirez's money, they probably won't have to give up any big pitching prospects, since Boston would just want to get rid of the contract, and STILL get another big bat.

6. Starlin Castro -- Chicago Cubs shortstop

Cubs need pitching and they have Addison Russell.

Starlin Castro will most likely cost the Mets Noah Syndergaard. The Cubs wants a right-now, young starter. Unlike other bats, they may only cost you Jonathon Niese, Castro is a young bat that's very expensive.

Shortstop is a position the Mets should be looking at. Because it's a position that's empty. I know they have Wilmer Flores playing short and hitting double digit power numbers, but Flores can move to second base, giving the Mets an option to get a premier shortstop.

I like Castro for the Mets, but I don't know if the Mets would give up a top pitcher for a player that's gonna, really, make a difference in the lineup. They need someone with a little more presence.

5. Brandon Phillips -- Cincinnati Reds second baseman

Or the Mets can leave Wilmer Flores at short and trade for a second baseman like Brandon Phillips.

I like Phillips for the Mets. He'll add attitude, personality, defense, offense -- but is he enough of a difference maker?

Not only the Mets have to ask themselves if Phillips is a difference maker, they have to ask themselves if Phillips would be right for New York and their locker room. In past years, he's gain a persona of having bad locker room presence; not getting along with teammates and fights with beat writers.

Phillips is an upgrade. More of an upgrade than Jean Segura.

Phillips is expected to make $27 million for the next two seasons. I'd be kinda hard to take a contract like that and having to give up prospects -- especially a team like the Mets who are very careful with money.

4. Carlos Gomez -- Milwaukee Brewers center fielder

Gives them a leadoff hitter -- but again, is it enough?

I can see Carlos Gomez hitting singles, doubles and triples to leadoff a game -- but whose gonna drive him in?

The Mets really a leadoff hitter like Gomez. Although what would be better, is the Mets trading for Gomez and another big bat.

If I'm the Mets, I'm looking to get Gomez for the cheapest possible way, where I'll have enough prospects to trade for another bat. If that means I have to give up Juan Lagares for Gomez, I'm gonna do it. Lagares and Niese for Gomez? Done! Without hesitation.

But Gomez don't know if that's enough for this Met offense.

3. Ryan Braun -- Milwaukee Brewers left fielder

How about a package the Mets send to the Brewers that'll involve Carlos Gomez and Ryan Braun.

Talk about two players, on one team, that would fix the Mets problems with one trade.

Problem with this is it might cost the Mets one of their top, young pitchers, Noah Syndergaard. Which is what they want to avoid. The front office and fans don't wanna give up Syndergaarrd -- especially for a leadoff hitter and known steroid user.

But the Mets might not have to trade Syndergaard. All they have to do is something they have a hard time doing this whole time and that is: take money. Gomez's $9 million for next year is nothing -- it's Braun's $96 million. If they can take that whole contract, they'll be able to keep Syndergaard. The Brewers just wanna get rid of that contract.

Sandy Alderon has stated he's willing to take a big contract.

Braun and Gomez, will not only help win games for the Mets, they'll probably win the N.L East -- with that lineup and pitching staff.

2. Justin Upton -- San Diego outfielder

If not the the mega star, than it's Justin Upton.

This would an absolute perfect pickup for the Mets. Upton can be the difference maker for the Mets, where he can just light up the whole lineup. Might not help win the division, but can certainly make it to the Wild Card.

Only problem is, he's gonna be a free agent this offseason. If Mets trade for him, they gotta re-sign him. Can't give up prospects for him, make the playoffs with him and not re-sign him.

Get Gomez and Upton -- Mets will be in the dance in October.

1. Troy Tulowitzki -- Colorado Rockies shortstop

If the Mets want electricity, front page news, ticket sellouts, make the postseason and become N.L East Champions -- Troy Tulowitzki is their guy.

Getting Tulowitzki, would be like the Mets saying we want the N.L East. Not only we want the N.L East, we want to go to the World Series. With that pitching staff, combine with a great player like Tulo, no one would want to face the Mets in the playoffs.

Let's say the Mets get David Wright back -- and he's back to hitting like Wright does. With Tulowitzki and Wright, the Mets have a change to have to the one-two punch in the lineup.

Not only Tulo makes Wright better -- he'll make Michael Cuddyer look better. He'll make Curtis Granderson look greater. Lucas Duda might get the load of stress off and get that power back from last season.

Tulowitzki would make everyone on the Mets that...much...better.

Does Sandy Alderson and the Mets have the YOLO in them to do it?