The One Great Thing About Porzingis' SL Debut

He scored 12-points, without even doing much.

The 7'3 Kristaps Porzingis showed me he can score double digit points without even breaking a sweat. He was only 3-5 from the field, and even though most of the 12-points he scored was being 6-for-7 from the free throw line, that's still pretty damn impressive.

To have a 7'3 player be that spotless from the free throw attempts can be dangerous. Because in this league Porzingis is gonna get fouled a lot. And most big men in the NBA are horrible free throw shooters. To be that size and shoot that well, Porzingis can still make a quick impact for the New York Knicks.

Wait t'll he starts nail three pointers... That's why Knick fans can't bash this draft pick. When you have player like this, who can score so easily and effortless, when the Knicks already have great scorer on the team, you have to take that player.

I also loved what I saw out of Jerian Grant. Who also scored 12-points with 3 assist; he's a prototypical point-guard. I even liked the chemistry between Grant and Porzingis. I know it's a small sample and just one game, but the feel between the two looks awfully good.

You put Carmelo Anthony between Grant and Porzingis -- I like it. You put Robin Lopez in that group with his defensive ability in the pant -- I like it even more. Then you put Arron Afflalo's sharp shooting and veteran experience in the backcourt -- I'm starting to really like this team.

Imagine on a night where Anthony and Porzingis are hitting every shot from the field? How can an opposing team stop that...