Samardzija Might Be Yankees Best Option

No major trades yet!? What's going on with the league? Let's go MLB teams, make some trades! It's July 9th!

I love the MLB Trade Deadline. Always have. And being a Yankees fan, you know your team is linked to every damn player that's on the block. Especially pitchers; Yankees are always in on pitching! Even then the season when they have pitching, they're still looking for it.

Like previous years, yet again, Yankees are looking for pitching this season. They've got some names to choose from in the trading block this July, like Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels, who are in the high end expense pitchers. Then there's the second tier pitchers like Scott Kazmir and Mike Leake.

I don't see the Yankees getting a top pitcher, since they're gonna have give up top prospects for a pitch like Hamels and Cueto. Yankees seem very committed to keeping their top prospects.

But they have have second tier, high valued prospects they would be okay with offering. With those prospects they can get a pitcher like Kazmir or Leake. Although, I don't think they'll give up valued prospects, even for those pitchers. Why give up prospects for pitchers who aren't gonna that much of big difference.

Sure, I would love to have Kazmir, but you know Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane is gonna ask for an arm, leg and a vagina from the Yankees.

The one available pitcher that can be great and somewhat less expensive for the Yankees, is Chicago White Sox right-hander Jeff Samardzija.

Samardzija isn't having a great year for the Pale Hose, with a 5-4 record, 4.33 ERA, 97 Ks and 1.27 WHIP.

That's a good thing Samadzija isn't having a good year; if he was having a Cy Young season, he'd be very expensive.

Though, even on a not-so-good year, I'd still take him. We know how dominant he can be. If the Yankees get Samardzija, he can go into the playoffs and become un-hittable. He can go on a great run in the playoffs, since he has that type of stuff.

Yankees normally wouldn't go after a player in the deadline whose gonna be a free agent after the season. But the Yankees might have pieces to trade. Like in 2011, when they had boatload of catching prospects and nearly traded Jesus Montero for Cliff Lee and Lee was going to be a free agent after the season.

If I'm the Yankees, I'd rather go after a lefty starter, instead of a righty, but, they can, not only take Samardzija, they can also take lefty starter John Danks' contract. Yankees wanted to bring in Danks on last year's deadline.

I would trade Luis Severino, whose one of the big prospect for the Yankees. I'd put him in the deal for Samardzija and Danks. My package to Chicago would be Severino, Rob Refsnyder and I'd thrown in Ivan Nova, just so I can add Danks into the rotation.

I made article last month about the Yankees never getting a big pitcher at the deadline. And still might not get one. But with 3-game lead in the A.L East; which is a pretty large lead this late in the season in the division, the Yankees need to push the pedal to the metal and get themselves a big pitcher. They need to separate themselves from every team in the east.

I understand this is suppose to be tight race, but as a Yankee fan, I don't wanna be in a tight race in September. I want my team to be closing in on clinching the division in September.