Yankees Never Trade for a Big Pitcher Before the Deadline

When was the last time the New York Yankees acquired a big name starter in July?

They were always linked to big name starters at the deadline. But never got them.

It seems like every year the Yankees are in - on a big name pitcher whose on the trading block, in July. From Randy Johnson in 2004. A.J Burnett and Jason Schmidt in 2005. Roy Halladay in 2009. Ubaldo Jimenez in 2011. And since that point, every year they're somehow linked to Cliff Lee.

Although in 2010, the Yankees came very close to acquiring Cliff Lee from the Seattle Mariners. Until the Texas Rangers jumped in the negotiations and offered a better package and ended up with Lee. The left-hander took the Rangers to the World Series, but fell short against the San Francisco Giants.

If the Yankees would've gotten Lee that year, they would've went back to the World Series -- and possibly would've won the whole thing.

The only big name pitcher the Yankees acquired in mid-season was Roger Clemens, in 2007. But he wasn't from a trade -- Clemens was a free agent acquisition. Also, it was one of those things where Clemens was only gonna sign with either the Yankees or Houston Astros. There was no four, five teams involved.

Yankees never get the big starter in the middle of the season. And if they got a pitcher at the deadline, it's a back end starter. Someone who can eat six-innings. Yankees never acquire the ace pitcher.

Now it's that time of the month, again! With July 1st beginning this Sunday, big pitchers who are on the block and possibly being dealt before the July 31st deadline, will, be linked the Yankees. Like Cole Hamels; like Johnny Cueto.

If Yankees Are Gonna Get A Starter, Get The Big Name

There's no use of getting Dan Haren from the Miami Marlins (who, he too, is on the trading block). If the Yankees are gonna get a pitcher, get one that's gonna make a difference. Like a Hamels -- whose gonna make sense since he's a lefty pitching in Yankee Stadium.

Hamels also provides insurance for Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda -- if one of those two pitchers begin to struggle toward the end of the season, the Yankees can make Hamels the no.1 starter. He can easily become a game one starter in the playoffs.

With the A.L East stacked the way it is, the Yankees can distance themselves from all the other teams in the division, with Hamels.

There's no need for a no.4 starter. Yankees have plenty of those.

But like I said throughout this piece, Yankees never get the big time starter in the middle of the season. Could that change this season? We'll see...