Kristaps Porzingis: Just Trust In Phil

Yea, yea I was pissed... But I didn't 'not like' Kristaps Porzingis.

When I saw Porzingis play, I really liked what I saw. For being 6' 11 and having the speed to the basket he has, is unbelievable. And to shoot three pointers for his height, is rare to find in this league. Porzingis really did had me intrigued before the draft. But I just wanted more of a 'right now' player, instead of "wait t'll ten years, down" type player.

Although, after I got pissed (and was pissed before the Knicks got Porzingis when I thought there was a chance the Knicks could land Jahlil Okafor before the Philadelphia Sixers selected him) but after all that, I began to realize what Phil Jackson is doing. He's not looking at Porzingis as a second star to Carmelo Anthony -- Jackson is looking at Porzingis as a piece to the puzzle.

Jackson is building a TEAM. Not a three-superstar-player team. A TEAM. Just like his book I'm reading, "Eleven Rings", he talks about how he looks at coaching a basketball team, like the Native Americans build their tribe. The way Native Americans unify power in their circle. That's the philosophy Jackson brought to his championship teams. It all about unifying and winning as a team.

The mentality we have now as fans -- including us Knick fans -- is to buy three star players and win a championship. Would you rather do that, which can only last you three to four years -- or you rather build a team that lasts you for a decade, like the San Antonio Spurs... That's what Phil's doing. He's trying to build a dynasty.

It's easy to sign Kevin Durant and trade for DeMarcus Cousins. Someone who doesn't know anything about basketball can do that. But the real talent evaluators find talent in the dirt and make into diamonds.

We wanted the big superstar in this draft. So did I. I wanted the flashy guard, D'Angelo Russell. Or that smash mouth, defensive forward, Justise Winslow. Instead, of looking at the basketball player like Porzingis. A player that can fit that unified team system, Jackson wants for his triangle.

No doubt about it, Porzingis can be the next big star in the league. He can be so good, we could be talking about whose better between him and Anthony Davis; and Davis is 6' 10 -- Porzingis is taller. Sure, he's not a big, weight wise, as Davis, but Porzingis can drive it to the basket and shoot from three point range, with great speed.

People like to bash Andrea Bargnani, whose a euro player like Porzingis and was compare to Porzingis -- but Bargnani's a good player. The problem with him is he's always hurt. But he's a solid player. May not be a no.1 draft pick, though when healthy, he's very productive. Although Porzingis is gonna be a light years better player than Bargnani.

Can't forget, the Knicks have money to spend as well. We still have free agency. They're looking to sign forward David West and possibly sign center Greg Monroe. Or maybe center Marc Gasol.

This is gonna be Phil Jackson's first built team. Jackson didn't build last year's team. That was still a pre-Jackson Knick team, with J.R Smith, Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. -- Phil didn't pick those guys. Now we're gonna find out what Phil's team will really look like.

Yes I was upset. But let's give Porzingis a chance and let's do what we've been preaching and that's: Trust In Phil.