Martin Prado would be Perfect for Yankees or Mets

Talk about a player who'd be a perfect pickup for both New York teams, before the trade deadline.

I really hated to hear that the Yankees traded Martin Prado to the Miami Marlins in the offseason. Yankees got back Nathan Eovaldi whose been pretty decent -- hasn't been terrible -- and Garrett Jones, who hasn't gotten much playing time so I can't really say if he's been bad or good. Although, when he has gotten playing time, he hasn't done much with it.

But the Yankees can still get him back. The Marlins' record right now is 18-29. I don't think they're gonna go anywhere; I'd be shocked if they made close to a wild card; especially with two legit teams in the N.L East which are the Washington Nationals and New York Mets. Also, Prado is on the last year of his contract -- Marlins would love to get something for him.

It's really tough to say if the Yankees would be interested in Prado since they're pretty stuffed in the infield from third base to second, but, if Stephen Drew doesn't hit, or, if Didi Gregorius isn't hitting well, there's a chance the Yankees would be very interested in getting the Venezuelan infielder back. And why I say Gregorius, since he's playing shortstop? Well, they can trade Didi and move Drew back short.

A lot of bad hitting would have to happen for the Yankees to get back Prado, but the fans and the Yankees themselves would love to get him back. GM Brian Cashman hated to give him up. Everyone did!

The Mets would be a perfect destination for Prado. Mets also have a lot of young prospects to trade. They aren't happy with Daniel Murphy at second base and could move him to third, due to an injury to David Wright that could keep him out for the season.

Prado's a leader. Not only his really good hitter, has great bat contact and terrific power, he was one of the driving force for the Yankees last season. Because of him, the Yankees made a late run in August and September. He's a great piece for a championship team.

If the Mets get him, he'd help a lot, but with the Yankees -- he'll make dangerous. Because the Yanks are better this year than last and he'd be exactly what the Yankees need to go all the way.

Yankee or Met, Prado would be perfect for either team.