Knicks 4th Pick: Draft Melo's Replacement

When you combine the no.4 pick the New York Knicks landed and the age of Carmelo Anthony -- if you're the Knicks -- you have to consider in this draft class, the guy who replaces Carmelo Anthony.

This draft for the Knicks is about now and the future.

Now and the future? Well, you have to win now, because Knicks fans are tired of waiting and Melo is signed here for the next four years, making $130 million and the Knicks would've not done that if they wanted to fully rebuild.

The Future -- is for Melo's age. Now...god forbid Melo goes down with an injury that costs him another season, or more, or maybe his career (yikes). Who will the Knicks look for to be their all around scorer? Or -- let me put it to you this way -- how much Melo has left in the tank to be the scorer and dominant player that he is?

Melo will be turning 31 in a couple of days.

So that being said, the Knicks, on June 25th, need to draft an all-around five-tool player. Not a point-guard; not a center, another star scorer. Which means they need to draft either Justise Winslow or Frank Kaminsky.

Look at Winslow and Kaminsky -- have potential to be special players in the NBA. They can become star players for the Knicks once Anthony gets older and/or retires. If I'm the Knicks, that's what I'm looking for. And they're perfect position to that.

No point-guard. Would a quick, young point-guard help the Knicks? Sure. Unless they're gonna be Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd or Steve Nash, there's no point of drafting them. You can always get a point-guard; not a great one, but above average point-guards are always available. I just feel right now an all-around scorer, who can take the ball when Melo is injured or on the bench, is what the Knicks need.

Draft the guy whose gonna be 'the guy' after Melo.

The Knicks can go into June 25th on Draft day and draft Emmanual Mudiay or D'Angelo Russell, but if they become busts, then that pick and the whole tank job this past season becomes a waste. Fuck getting the piece to the puzzle. Get the big fish. And that big fish would be Winslow or Kaminsky. Like I said, unless Mudiay becomes Iverson or Russell becomes Kidd, there's no use of drafting them. Get the star player whose gonna rest Melo and take his place after his contract is over.

I feel like if the Knicks can get a Kaminsky or Winslow to match up with Melo, that's probably all they need to good. Then they can just fill up the other pieces with good role players.

Once Melo's contract is over, Winslow and Kaminsky are gonna be star players and still be in their mid-20s.

When Melo gets to be 33-years old, in his third year of his contract, he's gonna need another guy to run the floor for him -- and score for him.

I don't wanna see Melo injured no more. No Knick fan does. But he since he's been here, he's hasn't been the healthiest player world. Every season he's got something bothering him. And when he gets older, those nagging injuries are gonna get worst. And once they do, who are the Knicks gonna have to replace him with...

Get Winslow or Kaminsky, and protect the investment.