Where Knicks Land in Lottery, May Decide Free Agency

And the Knicks will have the... Will have the.... Will have the.... Number...

Tonight's highly anticipated NBA Draft Lottery could decide what plan the New York Knicks decide to go in the offseason. If they get the no.1 overall pick -- there's a plan in place for the offseason, on who to sign in free agency. But if they fall to the no.2 pick, I believe they'll have a different game plan on who to sign in free agency, compare to what they'd do if they got the no.1

Why say? If the Knicks land the no.2 pick, that'll most likely mean they'll draft Jahlil Okafor, they could go hard for a center in free agency, like a Marc Gasol or DeAndre Jordan. Because Okafor -- whose a center -- to me, will end up becoming a power forward in NBA. He's not an NBA center. Okafor's game, his style will be more suitable as a power forward; the way he plays and stretches the floor, is more of a four position.

So if the Knicks do get the two pick and draft Okafor, they're gonna be looking for a true center in the offseason. Which means no LaMarcus Aldridge. Or, they could end up trading the two pick -- maybe to Sacramento for DeMarcus Cousins.

But if they land the number one overall pick, they won't have to worry about getting a center -- because they'll most likely draft Karl-Anthony Towns. Whose a real center. And if that happens, they won't have to land a Gasol or Jordan. Sure, you still make an offer to Gasol and Jordan just for the hell of it -- but the Knicks can also focus on Aldridge, too. A Towns-Aldridge interior with Carmelo Anthony in the back, it tough for any team to stop.

Either way the Knicks offseason is gonna be fascinating to witness. But if they land the two pick, which can happen since the Minnesota Timberwolves having a 25% chance to land the one pick and the Knicks having a 20% chance, it'll be very interesting to see what Knicks President Phil Jackson does. Because something tells me he's not very high on Okafor.

If I were the Knicks and I'd got the two pick or a higher pick, I'd get Willie Cauley-Stein. I think he's center whose just as impressive as Towns and Okafor.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers got the one pick last year, why can't the Knicks... The Cavs were better than the Knicks record wise. So I think the Knicks will get the no.1 pick tonight.

This is very exciting, tonight. For the first time in my life, I can't wait for a draft lottery pick -- lol.