Marc Gasol could be a Knick, This Offseason

Before 2015, I kinda felt there was a good chance Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol could sign with the New York Knicks. Then during the season when the Knicks looked horrible and the Grizzlies were looking like -- again -- one of the best teams in the west, I thought there was no way Gasol signs with New York. He's staying in Memphis.

Now...I'm starting to think there's chance, again.

And the reason why I feel that way -- just by looking at this Grizzlies team, they're not gonna be great forever. The players Gasol has around him are either young players without much potential, great players with a lot of age on them and one great player in his prime in Mike Conley. Is Gasol really gonna with a championship with - just - Conley? When he has to play against teams like the Warriors, Clippers, Spurs, Thunder, each year in the playoffs...

Gasol, as every Knick fan knows, will be a free agent this offseason. Knicks have big bucks to spend and are looking for a center; and are very interested in Gasol. Gasol's a Phil Jackson type center -- a big body who can pass in the paint and of course defend. That's what Jackson wants. With a great player in Carmelo Anthony here; with the POSSIBLE no.1 draft pick in place to bring in a young top center -- how can the Knicks not be a sexy destination for Gasol?

When the Knicks brought in Jose Calderon here last offseason, from that five-player deal with the Dallas Mavericks, the Knicks said Calderon wasn't just brought here to enhance their point guard position, he was also brought here to help recruit Gasol to the Knicks, since both Calderon and Gasol are from Spain and both played in the same olympic team -- and...I'm guessing they're both very good buddies, too.

The San Antonio Spurs have been said to be very interested in signing Gasol. That would be heavy competition for the Knicks. But are the Spurs willing to spend big money on an outside player? They have re-sign their own Kawhi Leonard, first, whose gonna be a restricted free agent and looking for a max contract. Can the Spurs give both players max deals?

You'd have to think Marc Gasol's brother Pau Gasol, is gloating his brother how great it was to play for (Phil) Jackson. Pau almost came to the Knicks last offseason, but the Knicks didn't have much cap room that the Chicago Bulls had. If the Knicks had more room to spend, Pau would've sign with New York -- he seemed very interested. Which would've made the Knicks legit frontrunners to land Marc this year.

Marc knows this is a great city to live; a great city to travel quickly to Spain via jet, and most importantly, he knows he can win a title here in New York a lot more easier, in the east, than in the west. He's gonna play under the triangle, which can enhance his game and fits his style of game perfectly, and let's not forget the Knicks can sign another star player. If Gasol signs with the Knicks, with Melo already here, other free agents might want to come here for less. You don't think a 2015 free agent Goran Dragic would want to play with Melo and Gasol? Or a Danny Green?

I didn't think Gasol would come here -- I thought the only free agent the Knicks would have to focus on is LaMarcus Aldridge. But when you look at the future in Memphis, it doesn't look all that great; I understand they're always in the playoffs every year and play great defense, but is that core gonna last long or win a title anytime soon? Another thing is, can they attract free agents to go to Memphis...

Right now, on this day in May 14th, 2015, I say there's a great chance Knicks sign Gasol this offseason. And if not, then I say Aldridge. I like Aldridge; I'd be excited as hell if he signed with the Knicks, but I just feel that Gasol fits what the Knicks need. Aldridge can be great with the Knicks, or he could be a mess with Melo here, since both nearly playing the same position and can be in each other's way. With Gasol, you won't have that problem -- because he'll strictly be in the paint.

This NBA offseason for all Knick fans is gonna be fascinating.