VIDEO: SNL 40th Season Highlights, ft. Sia's "Elastic Heart" Performance

Actually, I ended up doing an Saturday Night Live 40th season tribute, when I was doing the Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao hype video. I was looking for a song for the video on Youtube and ended up bumping into Sia's performance on SNL. No way I was gonna use that song for a boxing fight, but I liked that performance so much that it gave me an idea to -- why not -- do an SNL 40th tribute video. Since it was a great season and I haven't done a lot of SNL reviews this season, like I use to. 
Reason why I picked Sia's "Elastic Heart" performance was because, most importantly, it was the best musical guest performance this season. Even the "Chandelier" performance was great. Also, there's something about the "Elastic Heart" song that feels like a long journey, with a sad goodbye to it. And with this being the 40th season and this weekend being the season finale of SNL (:tear:), I felt like it was the perfect song for it; it sure helps when the song being sang at the actual show and sang better than the actual song. 
So I hope you enjoyed it... :) Gonna miss SNL, though :(

Thank you, SNL.