Imagine Derrick Rose Wins a Ring, After All This

Imagine that... After all he's been through since he tore his ACL a couple of years ago and getting knee-injury-after-knee-injury, Derrick Rose finds himself in the NBA Finals -- and possibly winning a championship.

Rose and the Chicago Bulls are the only team in the NBA that are in the playoffs every year and have gotten so close to getting to the Finals, but had to deal with the LeBron James and the Miami Heat in their way. Now with James gone from Miami, they have a legit chance to push James aside for the very first time and get to the promise land.

In the beginning of the season, I had the Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs going to the Finals. (I got one team wrong so far, but the other I have a big chance of getting right.) Although, during the middle of the season when Rose began to get injured again, the idea of the Bulls winning a title: fell through the cracks. The focus in the east went away from Chicago and more toward the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers.

When Rose got injured the second or third time in the season, everyone thought his career was over. Or his days of being a great player, were over. But after dropping 25-points with 5 assist in game one against the Cleveland Cavaliers, maybe Rose and the Bulls have something special here. Don't wanna speak too soon, but could he give us a resilient, memorable performance in the 2015 NBA Playoffs...

With a healthy Rose looking good so far, with a Jimmy Butler having a career year and veteran size in the paint like Pau Gasol, Bulls gotta shot.

Especially with the Cavs not being the complete package. Even if the Cavs had Kevin Love, I still think the Bulls had a chance to beat Cleveland.

If the Bulls eliminate the Cavs, they're going to the Finals. How can they not? If your team beats a team that has the best player in the world in it, how can your team not have the world of confidence going forward and being that close to a title. In the next couple of rounds the Bulls would face inexperience teams. Okay -- you wanna count Paul Pierce in the Washington Wizards... One player. One player whose passed his prime can't stop this Bulls team.

Going back to main topic -- Rose winning a championship. How about that? I don't think any of us, besides Bulls fans, had that idea. And me being a New York Knick fan, would love to see Rose win a ring after he's been through.

I know for years NBA fans hated to see the Bulls in the Finals because of some guy named "Michael Jordan". Though I think majority of the NBA fans today would love to see Rose win championship. NBA fans like talented players. No matter if it's on their favorite team or not, they like seeing talented players get what they deserve. And I think Rose is a player all fans have rooted for to get healthy and become that player he once was. So from that standpoint, I could see the Bulls winning a title being a great story. Especially with an NBA Playoffs having no juice in it, this year.

I'm picking the Bulls to win the series in six, against the Cavs. And if the Cavs lose tonight, Bulls might win the series earlier than that. Right now, the Bulls know their system, while the Cavs don't know what they have.