Chris Paul Needs to Score 30-Points, for the Clippers to Win

If not, then I still say the San Antonio Spurs will eventually win this series.

The reason why the Los Angeles Clippers evened up the series yesterday, in a crucial game 4 they had to have, was because Chris Paul scored 34 points.

In game 1, where the Clippers won, Paul had 31 points.

Friday in game 3, where the Clippers got blown out 100-73, he only scored 7 points. That's alarming.

So as of right now, Paul needs to score 30-points or more, in order for the Clippers win.

That's why I believe it isn't fair for Paul to be pressured to go far in the playoffs, when he doesn't have another scorer beside him. And I know he can pass the ball and make others around him better, but he doesn't have that sorta depth around him and various of offensive players to do that. The Clippers have a combination of old and offensively challenged players -- they have some who play defense, but some that can't score.

If Paul wants to reach the Finals one of these years, he's gotta ask the Clippers to get him high offensive talent. Maybe Kevin Durant?

You're not gonna win big playoff games with lob-passes. That's not how it works in the NBA Playoffs; or how it works against a well taught, experience Spur team. You gotta make timely shots and passes, in the playoffs.

I know Blake Griffin has score 25-points or more in games the Clippers won in this series, but I feel his 25-points aren't dominating enough. He isn't an unstoppable player. Griffin can't hurt the Spurs in the paint since the Spurs can stop him at anytime with their defensive interior. He's not enough to help Paul and Clippers to advance far into the playoffs. Griffin is a great piece to build a championship team, but he can't be relied to be the decider, whether the Clippers make it or not.

And they can't expect J.J Redick to give them a lot.

I still say the Spurs are gonna win this series; and no one might beat the Spurs this year. Clippers would have to win tomorrow's game 5 at homer in the Staple Center -- if not, this series is over in six games. No way the Spurs have two bad games against the Clippers at home. But if the Clippers win tomorrow night, they could afford to lose game 6, because they'll have game 7 in Los Angeles. Still might mean nothing, since the Spurs could still win the series in seven. They're that damn good.

Let's say the Clippers had Kevin Durant on this team -- the Clippers probably win this series in five. Because the Spurs are older and banged up -- Tony Parker is battling injuries, Manu Ginobili is a little nicked and Tim Duncan just turned 39-years-old. But since the Clippers don't have enough on the floor and on the bench, I believe Spurs will find a way to take this series.

Spurs in six.