Photoshopped Jordan 1 "Broken Backboard" on Celeb Feet

Another edition of my unreleased photoshopped Air Jordans on celebrities feet!

I'm photoshopping another pair of Air Jordan 1s -- my favorite Jordan sneaker. But this time I'm doing the Jordan 1 "Broken Backboard", that are schedule to release very soon.

These Jordans are a tribute to a 1986 Nike Exhibition game in Italy, Michael Jordan dunked a ball and shattered the backboard glass.

The colors, rust/orange and black, are from the jersey Jordan wore back in this '86 game.

Credit Photo:
When I first saw these, I thought they were a little too busy. Too much patches of colors. I would've not added the orange on the front base of the sneaker. I would've left it plain white -- like the Fragments. But after seeing them on worn from picture over the internet, they look pretty decent. 
And when I photoshopped them on these celebs, they looked even better.
Here, I have Los Angeles Clipper Nate Robinson. On the original photo, he's wearing the Jordan 1 Fragments. But after some photoshopping, I made them into the Broken Backboards.
Nate really sells them, for me, on this photo.
Here I have rapper Wale, who on the original photo had on the Fragments. After adding a simple rust-orange here and there, Wale all of sudden had the "Broken Backboards" on. 
I really like them on Wale.
Last but not least, I have actor Jake Gyllenhall. He was originally rocking the Jordan 1 Barons -- but I changed up a little and he had these beauties on, instead.
Gyllenhall should buy these in real life.