Yankees: It Was a Positive Lost ... If That Makes Sense

Yanks Fall To The Jays 6-3 and Lose the Opening Day Series

Tough lost, tough lost... But I saw good things out of this Yankee team. Hey, if it was for one 2nd inning, Yankees probably win this game.

I liked how C.C Sabathia looked tonight, in his first start of 2015. Again, it was just one bad 2nd inning when he gave four crucial runs to the Toronto Blue Jays. You take that inning, he has a really solid game.

NOW you can Sabathia has got it figured out. Unlike the start of last season where Yankee coaches felt like he knew how to win and pitch without the lost velocity. Tonight the way he was painting the inside corner with just a 89-mph fastball, and the way hitters were reacting to it, showed me he can become a pitcher.

Another big positive was the Jays weren't hitting the ball hard of Sabathia. Sure they found some holes for some singles, but nothing hard that was hit toward the warning track.

C.C pitched 5.2 innings, 8 hits, 5 runs - 4 earned, 0 walks and 8 strikeouts

When he threw his fastball inside to the Jays' righty batters, it made his slider look more effective. The way the Jays waved at his slider in this game, kinda looked like the way right handers would wave at Andy Pettitte's cutter in the past, when he would throw it down and in. And the Jays have some the top, premiere righty bats in the league, in the middle of that lineup.

One bad inning, for Sabathia. That's it. Everything else to me looked great. If the Yankees can get this out of Sabathia, they might better than expected.

As for the big positives: Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira hitting their first homerun of the season.

Major positives. If you're a Yankee fan and you see A-Rod and Teixeira hit those bombs to left, you have to be really excited to see that. Especially when you see Carlos Beltran hit a double.

I know it's very early, as it's very early to judge a season on any wins or loses in April, but seeing Beltran hit a double and A-rod and Teixeira hit homers in the same inning, is a great sign. There's a lot of question marks surrounding this offense, to whether they'll stay healthy or be any good, but seeing the big names hit the ball out of the yard, shows everyone that there's a chance the Yankees could have a big season this year.

Even Didi Gregorius looked good offensively, when he hit that RBI single for the first Yankee run.

John Ryan Murphy looked great also, going 2-for-4 with two doubles. He always seem to have good contact. Murphy is one of those young touted prospects of the Yankees -- would be nice to see him play grow and become something. Or he could become a trade chip.

This offense can be dangerous when it's hitting all cylinders.