Can't Bash the Gays, But We Bash Bruce Jenner?

Like my favorite comedian, Chris Rock, once said: "The hypocrisy of our democracy".

The things I just don't understand about this world. We live in a society now that's very sensitive about the way talk about specific groups of people; you have to be very careful with your words if you do speak freely about certain group. And I'm fine with that; that 'suppose' to keep the world in peace. I'm all for that.

But then, there's the other side of us. The other half of our personality, where we like to rub people in the dirt. Really, really, really stomp on a person when they're down! We love to do that in this country; especially the rich, powerful ones who never show their face, love to do that! I don't know why people like to do that. I don't know what they get out of it. Though, I like to think those sorta people are just as unhappy as the person they're kicking down; or more miserable, if anything.

That brings me to my main topic -- which I'm ridiculously confused about. American olympian Bruce Jenner, who performed for our country and won a gold medal for our country, is now transforming into a woman. And the media isn't accepting that, for some reason.

Now, I actually still find it ridiculous that Bruce is doing this, or feeling this way, or has felt this way for years. I've been a viewer of "Keeping With The Kardashians" since day one - when the show started in 2007 - and he showed me nothing in the eight years I've watched him, that was feminine. Not from the way he talked, walked, sounded, or what he wore -- nothing. I'm kinda still not believing in it to be honest.

But if Bruce is making this transition, and this is something he's always wanted to do - fine by me. I just would like to know how in the hell the media knew about this all along, if he kept this to himself for years?

The thing I don't understand is, the media likes to poke fun at Bruce. Okay...the media pokes fun at everybody. But then, when someone says something about the gay people, it's world war three. Hold on? Isn't transforming into a different gender, almost like turning gay?

Can two men, or two women get married? If they want to, sure. Doesn't bother me. I don't have deep religious beliefs. And people who have religious beliefs don't bother me either. Don't care. Though the gay community is sensitive to what people say; which is fine, too; speak your mind! But in fairness, shouldn't we treat Bruce, whose an olympic winner and played for the pride of our country, with the same care, love, protection and RESPECT we treat the gays.

Shouldn't we respect Bruce, too?

Last Sunday, we had Jamie Foxx hosting the iHeart Radio Awards (which's a beyond useless of an award show) crack jokes about Bruce and his change. If Jamie would've said something about a celebrity just coming out the closet, they would've came at him with pitch forks. But since it's Bruce Jenner, and we're allowed to poke fun at Bruce because he isn't human, it's okay... Don't get it.

It's same thing with domestic violence. Me as a man, I'm not suppose to hit a woman. I know that. It gets tiring seeing these people make commercials where they cry on television. (But suits do what you have to do.) Then I see this transgender MMA fighter by the name of Fallon Fox, who was born a man then transformed into a woman, fight other women... Huh? So it's okay for her to fight women, and beat the shit out of them, because she had a sex change? And what's sick about it is, no one talks about that.

I guess if Ray Rice has a sex change, he'd have the 'okay' to beat up women.

Don't get it, folks...

Just like I don't get the unfairness they treat Bruce Jenner. I guess they like to pick and choose who to bring down.

I don't wanna judge the Kardashians for not being talented because that argument is already old, but isn't it amazing how the media belittles an olympic gold medal winner like Bruce Jenner then treats the Kardashian chicks like they're three Merly Streeps...

Seems like the guys in the family like Bruce, Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick have to get the bad end of this fame.