Where Will the 2015 VMAs be Located at?

Still no official location to where this year's MTV VMAs will be located at, but...I know where it SHOULD be located at?

We do know the official date of the VMAs, which is August 30th. But no official venue. Though like always, I think it should be located at New York City. Every year -- it should be located at New York.

I looked up the August calendar for events at the Radio City Music Hall, and there no events... Could MTV bring back the VMAs to Radio City? Or maybe they're negotiating... Who knows.

Last time the VMAs where at Radio City was in 2009. That VMAs was infamous Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Hey...maybe if it's back at Radio City, and with Kanye and Taylor becoming new BFFs this year, they could perform together on stage at Radio City. There were rumors about Taylor and Kanye having interest in making a song together; they could debut it at the VMAs. It'd become a full circle...sorta...thing.

And you can't tell me people would've want to see Kanye West and Taylor Swift perform together at the VMAs.

I think the days of it being at the Metropolitan Opera House are over. I hope I'm wrong, but it might be over. I didn't like it at the Barclay Center a couple years ago; maybe because it wasn't star studded enough and the way Miley Cyrus acted threw me off. So to me, Radio City would have to be the place to put the VMAs if were coming to New York.

Radio City, Taylor Swift and Kanye West rehashing their moment where it all started in 2009 with a duo performance, at the 2015 MTV VMAs -- sounds like the perfect title.