#TBT Music Video of the Day...

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Lorde with Nirvana - "All Apologies" at the 2014 Rock Hall of Fame
Not much of throwback video, with this being from last year! But it is from the past and very interesting music video.

Lorde singing "All Apologies" at the 2014 Rock Hall of Fame is my favorite live performance from her. Not only was it my favorite, it was eye-opening to witness her sing a rock song (from Nirvana, might I add) and be so damn good at it.

Why doesn't Lorde do more rock music? Fuck pop music. Go do grunge music.

Lorde can sing rock music and fits in it very well. She has a good feel for it; good style and sound for it. Pop music is so boring now, with non-talented people singing and the same look every pop musician has; unless you're Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift - those pop artists are untouchable. I'm not saying Lorde is never going to reach the level of those names, but why not try something different...

Why not Lorde go over to rock? And you know what -- she'd probably rejuvenate rock music.

In this performance, when she grabbed that mic and sang lyric "I wish I was like you" -- that gave me chills. She fucking nailed that moment and spot in the song. That moment there told she can do rock music. Lorde just felt that lyric and beat to the song, after that. That's why she rocked it.

Amazing performance by Lorde.

R.I.P Kurt

"All in all, is all we are"