Looking Back at the Spot Jay-Z Filmed "Hard Knock Life" in Brooklyn

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I decided to take a look at an old, legendary hip-hop music video called "Hard Knock Life" from a legendary rapper called Jay-Z. But not only I decided to look back at an old video, I'm also looking back at old after-school spot of mine. 

If you attend or attended junior high school I.S 318, you know very well where rapper Jay-Z filmed Hard Knock Life, because you hung out there after school. Like myself who attended this school (a 2002-2003 graduate), like a lot of my beloved friends, family who attended this school and like Jay-Z who also graduated from I.S 318, which is the reason why his filmed this music video in that area, he too hung around this spot.

And that deli -- wasn't called 'a deli'. Wasn't called 'a store'. We didn't call it 'a bodega' - well...maybe our hispanic grandparents did. It was called "Rockys". Because the owner of the store around the late 1980s and 1990s was called Rocky... Okay... So there you go!

I wanted to screen shoot the photos from the video, which was released in 1998, and take some photos of the area now, in 2015.

The photo above was from '98 shows the corner store where the young rides his bike and the photo beneath is from today. As you may see, light-bulb deli tops have run out of style. Now it's a plain old...whatever top. Me personally, I prefer the light-bulbs!

Here's Jigga coming out of Rockys. And at the bottom...Jay-Z is not coming out of Rockys. Maybe he's still deciding what drink to buy.

Here's the spot where we would come out of school. Now if I were smarter and seen the full video FIRST, I would've taken the photo the same way it looks in 1998. But instead I give you two pictures of the graffiti wall and the school I.S 318. On the old photo, you can see 318 across street... But if you can't see , then I don't know what to tell ya buddy... I'm out of options for you! 
So I hope you enjoyed my before and after photos of this small spot in Brookyn, New York. It's sorta stupid to just take a look back at a deli, wall and a school, but in general it's an area in Brooklyn that my family and friends have had a lot of fun in, with great memories of coming to this school, and it's a part of Brooklyn that made one of the greatest musician of all-time.