Photoshop Jordan VII "Sweater", VIII "Three Peat" on Celebs

It's another edition of my unreleased photoshopped Air Jordans on celebrities. This time, it'll be a pair of J's that'll release all the way until December. 
They're a number of Jordans coming out in the holiday of 2015, but these two specific Jordan retros -- Jordan VII "Sweater" and Jordan VIII "Three Peat" -- are brand new designs. 
First, I'm gonna start with the Jordan VIII "Three Peat"
The original photo of Jay-Z, had him wearing the white, red, grey "Bugs Bunny" VIII's -- but transformed them to the VIIIs "Three Peat".  
I find these J's to be too busy. I don't like the patches of colors. Although, I do like the back of the sneaker -- I like the dark gray covering the back of the foot. 
Next: Jordan VII "Sweater". Another, very, busy colored pair of J's that will release in that holiday pack.
Here I photoshopped the "Sweater" VII on Drake. He originally had on the Jordan VII "French Blue".