Can Knicks Sign Butler in 2015 & Noah in 2016?

After another heartbreaking injury to Derrick Rose, who tore his medial meniscus on Wednesday night, could things begin to change in Chicago? Or could players feel they may need a change...
I don't get excited anymore about these players saying they're interested in signing with the Knicks, in their walk year. Like the report today about Jimmy Butler stating that he'd be interested in signing with the Knicks this offseason.
As a Knick fan, I've always loved the idea of having Butler on the team. When there was rumors about the Bulls and Knicks doing a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, I always said I want Butler back in the deal. He was the only player I wanted back, if a deal were to happen.
Now with Anthony signed with the Knicks long-term and Butler being a restricted free agent this offseason, there's a chance the Knicks can have both on the team. 
Butler is one of those players that fits what the Knicks need and fit with Anthony. He'd be Anthony's Scottie Pippen. If the Knicks can't get Kawhi Leonard this offseason, Butler is the next best choice. He's another Leonard. 
Now mind you, Butler is a restricted free agent. Meaning the Bulls can offer him more money than anyone else. But with Rose out and most likely not ever coming back to the MVP-form he once was, Butler may feel it's time to move and play with another star player in Anthony and play under Phil Jackson. Or could he and his current teammate have a plan? 
A couple of weeks ago, I found out that Joakim Noah will be a free agent in 2016. Didn't think much of him leaving Chicago -- but after what Butler said and with Rose being injured again, could he follow his teammate to New York?
Everyone talks about Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge possibly signing with the Knicks this offseason, or Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis maybe signing with New York in 2016. But if you look at those players, some of them are already winning where they're at now, and there's a good chance some of them might not even want come to the Knicks.
So maybe the best chance the Knicks have in building a championship team is to sign Butler this year and sign Noah next year. By 2016, the Knicks with Noah, Butler, Anthony and possibility -- let's just throw in for the hell of it -- Jahlil Okafor, they'll be ready to compete for a title. 
Again, let's say the Knicks get Okafor - Noah can be his mentor in becoming a great center. Like what David Robinson was to Tim Duncan.
Noah is very good friends with (Carmelo) Anthony. Noah was heavily recruiting Anthony to Chicago in the middle of last season. Why not Melo be the recruiter in 2016...
Also, Noah is from New York City. He still comes to the city; I've seen a lot of pictures of him eating at diners and restaurants in Manhattan. 
This might be the only way the Knicks can build a title. Noah and Butler may see what's going on with Rose, they see how difficult it's gonna be winning a title with LeBron James in Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Next best choice to join forces in New York with Anthony.