Did This Yankee Offseason Make Sense?

When the Yankees signed Andrew Miller, I thought they'd re-sign David Robertson as well -- to setup this "super bullpen".

But they didn't re-sign Robertson -- okay. I guess that means the Yankees would rather spend that money to sign Max Scherzer. Nope...didn't do that either!

Okay, no to Scherzer, maybe they rather go after a bargain pitcher like James Shields. Yankees didn't want him, too.

Now they let Yoan Moncada sign with the Boston Red Sox, with the Red Sox already piling up younger prospects.

As for Moncada...as a Yankee fan, you can get angry but not get angry at the Yankees for falling short of Moncada. You can argue the Yankees not spending for what they need which is a young players or pitchers. But the same time, can you really give a minor leaguer $30 million dollars?

The Red Sox sign Moncada in the $30 million dollar range, while the Yankees offered $25 million and wasn't willing to go higher.

With the Yankees luck nowadays, I can't be mad at them for not raising the offer to a nineteen year old who hasn't played minor league ball in America. And I understand a lot of these Cuban players coming to the MLB are amazing and live up to the expectation, but you know one of them is bound to be a failure. And like I said - with the Yankees luck they've been dealing with in the past few years and players not performing, I could see Moncada becoming the Kei Igawa of Cuban players for the Yankees.

Though it looks bad losing Moncada to the Red Sox, who already have boatload of young prospects in the minors; they also have a pretty good squad on major league field and with this signing they might pull the trigger on a Cole Hamels trade, since they're so prospect-heavy.

Red Sox are winning, so far. It's the Yankees turn to make a splash.