Suns May End Up Having No Choice & Trade Dragic to NY

The latest story coming from ESPN's Chris Broussard, is that the Knicks have offered a package to the Suns that included Jose Calderon and Tim Hardaway Jr. for their point-guard Goran Dragic.

Some Knicks fan love the offer, some don't; some do not want to trade Hardaway Jr.; some Knick fans feel the package will get easily rejected.

I, personally, would like to keep Hardaway, but if the Knicks are looking to trade him for a player like Dragic, whose gonna be a free agent this offseason, then they could be eyeing another guard in free agency to replace Hardaway.

It makes sense to trade Calderon, since they'll be trading for another point-guard in Dragic.

But for those Knick fans who think this offer isn't strong enough, I can see the Suns accepting the offer. Because if Dragic keeps to his word about legitimately leaving Phoenix this offseason, the Suns would want to get something for him. Also, the Lakers and Heat, who don't have as good of a future as the Knicks do at this point, may back out.

I get the sense Dragic's first choice is the Knicks.

It's still farfetched on Knicks landings Dragic, but it's very possible.