#SNL40: The Celebration of Television's Finest

If you're like me, whose been a fan of this t.v show all of your life, you know tonight is must-see to witness. Because you know how special this is to you, as a fan all these years.

I mean, just look at the names whose gonna be attending tonight's "SNL 40" -- Eddie Murphy, Paul McCartney, Robert De Niro, Kanye West, Will Ferrell, Derek Jeter... Are you kidding me?! And that's not even the whole list. There's more big names. I don't know how in the hell they're gonna fit all this in.

It's certainly gonna be a night to remember.

But we also remember the years of amazing nights, this silly one-in-a-half hour show have given us. The talent they brought to us, decade after decade, and we watched these talents grow from a cast member whose trying to make a living, into superstars. Literally -- they've made billionaires.

"Saturday Night Live" actually made fans into stars. Yeah... How many times we hear a current cast member talk about being a kid and watching SNL every Saturday nights. When Cecily Strong would talk about watching video tapes of SNL, as a kid. Or when Bill Hader would tell a story about him and his family would watch Eddie Murphy and cry with laughter. You can say SNL made stars out of their fans.

SNL probably didn't make every fan a cast member, but they sure as hell inspired people. If they didn't become a cast member, they became a comedian. Or probably went on to do "Mad TV" in the mid 1990s. Then if they became a bigger star, they'd end up hosting SNL. Which could sometimes be better than being a cast member.

Look at "Comedy Central" -- you think that channel would be as big as it is today without SNL? The short comedy shows they have was because of SNL. "Saturday Night Live" opened the door for anyone who wanted to make living in making people laugh.

And if you wanna go deeper -- SNL has made the world run a little more positive. When families/friends share stories and somehow bring up a famous sketch, or say a famous line from a sketch -- they laugh about it. It brings a good moment in people's lives.

It's hard to do what these people do every Saturday night. That counts the writers. Even when the show isn't that good, you know they gave their effort. SNL is an all around group of true talent. Talent in some many different ways. You can't just be funny, to be part of the SNL family -- you gotta be insanely smart, too.

Where would television be today, without "Saturday Night Live"?

Tonight should be something special. Especially when Eddie Murphy makes his appearance. I expect to open the show tonight.

Darrell Hammond doing Donald Trump: "Gonna be hugeeeeeeeee"