Chris Brown Should Perform at Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

For the 50th Super Bowl, celebrating half a century of the NFL royalty, why not have the best pop/r&b on-stage performer today, perform at the halftime show...

We all know the Super Bowl halftime show is for top, mega superstars. I feel, it's not for the artist who just stands there and sings. It for the artist who gives the people a show that they'll never forget it. Even though, I thought I could never forget Janet Jackson's nipple and it didn't really do much; also I saw it for like one second. BUT, there's a performer today who doesn't have to show a private part to make a memorable Super Bowl. That artist is Chris Brown.

Brown would be the perfect musician to be "Super Bowl 50 Halftime" show. For the 50th Super Bowl, the NFL, I'm guessing, would want a big star to perform at the halftime show. The first name that comes to mind to who should perform at the 50th Super Bowl is Beyonce... But she already did it a couple years. The next best guess -- Chris Brown.

He's the best on-stage performer today - period. I don't care what anybody says, he's one of the few artists that gives you his blood, sweat and tears every time he hits the stage. I personally watch music award shows just to see Brown dance. There's no one worth watching. Every time I know Brown is gonna perform at a Grammys or VMAs, I can't miss it. I have to see it. And there's a lot of fans of Brown's who feel the same, but there's a lot of people who don't (forget not liking him) see what his fans see -- and that's the problem.

Can Brown's pass mistakes, or MISTAKE, give him a hard time to make an appearance like this? Yea, but, that's sad to neglect a special talent like Brown, just because of one mistake. Something like that cannot stop television and advertisers to giving the world this amazing talent, they push to the side. We've seen way, way worst than what Brown did.

This is real talent. This talent is not the bullshit, nonsense the media promotes today. Brown is a talent that comes once every twenty-five years and we should appreciate that.

I was looking through the net worths of celebrities the other day, seeing some that are worth half a billion dollars who are derserving of that type of that money, some of them I don't even know how the hell they made it to $1 million dollars. Then I came across Brown's net, which's worth $30 million. How in the world is that possible? $30 million? I thought he'd be worth, at least, way over $50 million. If Drake is worth $55 million, Brown should be worth way more. That's a disgrace.

Does anyone notice what Brown does on stage and has to do on tour? What Brown does is WORTH half a billion.

He's paid his due. It's time for Brown to finally be seen to the world. And that's at Super Bowl 50.