"Better Call Saul" Review: Tuco?

Drama on the first episode?!

I just watched "Better Call Saul", the AMC spinoff character from the iconic "Breaking Bad", and it has gotten me ready for tonight's second episode.

If you seen the first episode last night -- I'm talking to you only. If you haven't, don't read anymore I've my horrible grammar. Or you can watch the full episode on the AMC site:

But if you watched "Better Call Saul" last night, I'm sure some of you all yelled: Tuco!?

When the older lady got in her house calling for her "mijo" (son - in spanish), I thought, and I really did, for split second: Imagine if Tuco was her son... Lol.

And they set it as if the lady had an older, big, scary son. Her son turned out to be one of those most scariest, ruthless, badass villains on "Breaking Bad", Tuco.

Of course, the show ends that way, but all we have to do is wait nine more hours until episode two, which is tonight.

Can't wait. "Better Call Saul", so far, starts off with a bang.