Are You Sold on the New Yeezys?

No matter how many dislike these, they're gonna sell. As for me, I'm still in the...grey area (no pun).

Although this photo above, that I just found of Kanye West, with wife Kim Kardashian, wearing the unreleased "Yeezy 750 Boost", did entice me a little. I like this photo of the Yeezy 350 more, than the other photos that've surfaced all over the internet.

What I like about them? The toe front is perfect. The toe front of the Yeezy 350 are perfect because they're not too slim and not too bulky -- it's just right. It makes the sneaker look true to size and comfortable to wear.

I also like the style of the high-top, covering the whole ankle -- I've always loved that in sneakers. I've always like that style because you can wear them with pants and shorts. High-tops like these, always look good in shorts.

What I don't like? The baggy top. That part looks a little too feminine, for me. If they were tighter on the top, they'd probably look better. I'm not feeling the loose top. It makes the sneaker look more for women. Well, I actually think they would look better better for women.

So, all in all, for a unemployed guy like me, I'm not paying $350 dollars for these. I would have to see other people where them. I don't like the style much, and they aren't that special looking to me. I see nothing unique enough on the "Yeezy 350 Boost", that's worth over $300 dollars.

And for those who think Nike would've designed them better -- please... The only Yeezys that were nice that Nike made, were the Air Yeezy 2. The ones before, weren't 'all that'. Nike and Kanye made one nice pair together. That's it.

Kanye and Adidas are expected to release another pair, in a different style, that's suppose to retail at $250. So we'll have to wait and see on those.