The Patriots Will Play with a Chip on Their Shoulders

With that title being said -- my Super Bowl 49 pick are the New England Patriots.

I just feel, going into tonight, with the two previous loses in Super Bowl 42 and 46, with the whole "delflate gate" drama, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will go into this game looking for a win and no one is stopping them

Like most people say, this game is a toss up. Which I agree with. Although, I just think there's gonna be a different mentality between the two teams. The Patriots are gonna play with a fire in their belly, while I think the Seattle Seahawks -- who will be ready to play, but won't have the same extra fire the Patriots will have tonight.

The way the Patriots have been bad mouthed from the media, by basically being called "cheaters" -- Brady and Belichick are gonna want to prove something. And they both, will make sure, their team will be feeling same way before they head out to that field.

As for the Seahawks, I just think they're too cocky, right now. They're too interested in commercials, marketing and ads. Hey, don't get me wrong, they'll be juiced up, ready to play. But after winning last year's Super Bowl, after nearly being eliminated from the playoffs two weeks ago to the Green Bay Packers, I don't think they're gonna be as ready as the Pats will be. The Seahawks are feeling 'too good' about themselves and may feel like they have nothing to prove. While the Patriots are looking to pick a fight.

In the first half of the Seahawk-Packer game, Seattle looked horrible in their own field, with Russell Wilson playing one of the worst games of his career. I understand they were losing to Aaron Rodgers, but he was injured. Barley walking. Also, if wasn't for Brandon Bostick botching that onside kick, (guess what?) this would be a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl, instead.

It's gonna be a close score. I picking the Pats to win by six -- which means my final score is 23-17. The MVP will be Tom Brady.

It's gonna be close, but the Pats will have that something extra in them, that the Seahawks don't have.