Should Knicks Spend in 2015 or 2016?

This season sucks. Every Knick fan, like myself, knows that. But if there was one thing look for in this dreadful season, as a Knick fan, it's the offseason! Because it's the offseason we've been all waiting for, since the Knicks will have a lot money coming off the books and are willing to spend on big name free agents. this offseason to spend, for the Knicks? Or is it next offseason? When players like Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Joakim Noah will be free agents in 2016.

Now, this offseason coming up, the three big names are Marc Gasol, Goran Dragic, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard.

So what'd you do, if you're Knicks president Phil Jackson? If I'm Phil, I'm gonna look at the players that fit around Carmelo Anthony. Because that's what's important. Not the name.

By doing process of elimination from each potential free agent, the first one I'l remove is Aldridge.

Great player, but to me, not a player to fit with Anthony. They nearly play the position in power-forward. Aldridge is also nearing 30-years old, which is the same age as Anthony, you don't want another older player, and he'd be in Anthony's way on the floor. It'll be the same experiment as Amare Stoudemire and Anthony combo -- it didn't work. Adding Aldridge would do the same; even though he's a better player than Stoudemire, that's too much confusion on one team.

The other player I'm removing is Durant. He'll be a free agent in 2016. I don't like the idea of him and Anthony sharing the ball. Can't have two definite scorers on the same team, who don't facilitate. Also I don't think Durant's plan in 2016 is to sign with the Knicks. If he's signing anywhere, it's gonna be with the Washington Wizards.

Cross off Aldridge and Durant.

Dragic: I would definitely sign him this offseason, if I'm Phil Jackson. Especially if they're gonna trade Jose Calderon before the trade deadline. If not, I'd still sign Dragic. A small backcourt of Dragic and Calderon, with shooting ability and facilitation, is something Anthony could use behind him and they won't stand in his way.

Anthony, since being with the Knicks, he hasn't played with a legit point-guard.

Leonard is gonna be a restricted free agent. Which means his current team, the San Antonio Spurs, can offer him more money than any other team. You can probably say it's 'highly unlikely' he'll sign with the Knicks, but he'd fit beautifully with Melo.

Leonard would be Melo's Scottie Pippen. He'll score, but he'll get out of Melo's way on the floor, he'll pass the ball to him, grab rebounds and do all the little things so well.

Gasol: Yes -- a player that'll help Melo win a championship. Although, there's two things the Knicks might want to think before signing Gasol - and that is: do they really need him, if they get the no.1 draft pick and get Jahlil Okafor? If so, why pay max money to a 30-year old center.

Davis: Here's another reason Knicks might want to re-think signing Gasol. Davis, whose only gonna be a restricted free agent, which the New Orleans Pelicans can offer more, but there could be a chance where he decides to leave and want to play for a big market and play with another star player.

Melo and Davis would be UNSTOPPABLE. Davis can be a scorer, but he'll be mostly in the paint blocking shots and getting rebounds.

Then you have Noah - whose gonna be a free agent in 2016. Which is a good fallback, if the Knicks don't get Davis in 2016. I always thought Noah would stay with the Chicago Bulls, but he's from New York City, he is good friends with Carmelo Anthony and might wanna play under Phil Jackson.

Only problem with Noah is that he's always hurt; he's seems to always have bad feet, for some reason and he's gonna be 30-years old in 2016. With all that being said, it's hard to sign a player like that. He'd fit with Melo.

In order to build an NBA championship team, you can't just jam superstar players into one team. The reason why the Boston Celtics won with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, is because they all had different roles. Pierce was can score from anywhere, Garnett can score from mid range but was always in the paint grabbing rebounds and playing defense, and Allen was always in the corners looking for the spot up three. They all had their roles and they were different**. They weren't all on top of each other, blocking each other's path.

That's why the Knicks need to find the right type of players to play around Melo. And it's hard since Melo can score from anywhere and be at any position. That's why I feel signing Durant would be a mistake. You can't have those two on the same team, looking to be the hero in the 4th quarter with 5-seconds left, trailing. It'd be a disaster.

Melo needs a true center and a true point guard. And if there was a power-forward/guard he'd make sense to play with, it's Kawhi Leonard. Like I said, Leonard will do the dirty work for Melo. He would be his Pippen, for sure. I like that combo a lot more, than Durant and Melo.

So do the Knicks spend in 2015 or 2016? I say spend in 2015 for Dragic and, if they can, Leonard. Knicks NEED to try to sign Leonard. Melo should do whatever he can to entice him to New York.

If the Knicks get Leonard this offseason and get Davis in 2016, they won't need a star point guard. Melo, Leonard and Davis is good enough. Not even 'good' -- that's a damn good team.

It's gonna be hard for the Knicks pass on Gasol this offseason. Especially if he wants to come here and if they somehow knew Davis wants to sign with the Knicks.