SNL: Sia was Outstanding & Che-Jost New Best Combo

The first "Saturday Night Live" of 2015 wasn't the sexiest. The only sketch that was good, or laughable, was Kate McKinnon playing Justin Bieber on that Clavin Klein ad. While everything else wasn't that good.

But there was two things I loved about this past SNL - the music, from Sia's performance and the "Weekend Update".

I've been wanting to do an SNL review to talk this new "Weekend Update" this season, because of the combination of Michael Che and Colin Jost at the desk, is probably one of the best combos on SNL since Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

I can't say Che and Jost are Fey and Poehler because -- no.1, obviously -- they're different genders, but mostly they don't have the talent and success(yet) Fey and Poehler have. Though, Che and Jost have the potential.

I didn't like Jost, when he first debuted last season. I didn't understand what was his style of being funny. Now I see it, this season. Jost working with Che, has made his style for comedy visible. Before when he worked with Cecily Strong, I didn't see that; also, part of it was Strong not being suitable for the SNL anchor -- wasn't her strength. You combine her first year at the desk and Jost's first year on SNL being inexperience, it's not successful.

But Che makes Jost better. There's a chemistry between two that works excellently. Now I see Jost comfortably in this sophomore year and a little more sarcastic, and I start to witness his style of jokes. Jost tells jokes in a mannerly, soft spoken way, but knows how to hit the joke, in his own way, so well.

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Both Jost and Che are perfect with each other. And I love how different they are. Also the black/white guy thing is just a bonus. It doesn't matter what race the two are, unless they're good -- if they're good, the diverse race is a big bonus.

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How about Sia? Oh my goodness... In the summer, my cousin first introduced to be to the song "Chandelier" and Sia (I didn't know much of her) and was blown away by her voice. And that performance on SNL... I was amazed. Now that's REAL talent. That's a voice. Sia can compete with the big femals names like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Adele.