Celeb Photoshop of Jordan 7 "Marvin the Martian" on feet

Another edition of my photoshopping unreleased Air Jordans on celebrities.

This time, I'm doing the Air Jordan VII "Marvin the Martian", that are schedule to release in March. There's not clear, quality photo yet of the J's. The photo above is the only photo that's out and it was taken from a paper photo.

So I didn't have a clear picture of how the 7's will officially look, but I made the best outcome of what the "Marvin the Martian" Js will look on feet.

Here's a photo of Rihanna, who had on the Jordan 7 "Raptors". But I turned them into what the "Marvin the Martian" 7's could potentially look like.

The thing I really, really love about these 7's -- they're colorful in the small areas and everywhere it's black suede.

Here's a photo of Chris Brown, who on this original photo, also had on the Jordan 7 "Raptors".