Re-Signing Drew Means Refsnyder is Trade Bait?

I guess this is surprising... The New York Yankees re-sign infielder Stephen Drew, who had a poor second half with the Yankees, and an poor all around season with the Boston Red Sox.

But the main question is: Does this mean rookie Rob Refsnyder, who's projected to start the Opening Day at second base, on the block?

Okay, so the Yankees have Drew, Refsnyder, Didi Gregorius, Jose Pirela, Brendan Ryan, all playing either shortstop or second base. One of those guys are getting traded. Yankees didn't sign Drew for $5 million dollars to be a bench or a platoon player. He's gonna play a lot.

If anyone's going, it's gonna be Refsnyder. Because I think the Yankees like Pirela better, so do I (he reminds me of Howie Kendrick) and he'll backup Drew, or platoons with him at second base. And Gregorius and Ryan playtoon at short.

Another thing the Yankees can do, if they wanted to keep Refsynder, is instead of playing him at second, put him in right field (since he can also play that position as well) then trade Brett Gardner.

If the Yankees trade Refsnyder, it'll most likely be for a pitcher. Cole Hamels?