SNL Web Exclusive; Cecily Strong's Amazing Sketch

Depending how you feel in this sensitive time, this isn't, really, inappropriate sketch.

This was a web exclusive skit from the newly "Saturday Night Live"; and a "web exclusive" means it's only shown on the internet and not on television; and it wasn't on telvision since I watch this SNL episode with James Franco as the host, and did not see this sketch.

SNL is starting to do a lot of these web exclusives, which's interesting. Since the show is "live" I wonder where they fit these 4-mintues sketches. Maybe SNL isn't live, after all. Maybe I'm stupid enough to be the only one to believe SNL is live....

Nevertheless, the sketch was hilarious. Should've been televised. Even last week's web exclusive with Woody Harrelson was really good. Cecily Strong was also part of that, as well.

Speaking of Strong, this past week's sketch she played in, called "Magic Bridge", with James Franco. And Strong wasn't necessarily funny, just played the character really, really well.

When I saw this performance by Strong, it looked like one of those characters from a movie, where the pretty actress plays an ugly woman. Like a Charlize Theron or a Hilary Swank. I thought to myself: 'Man, she could really play in a big film in the future'.

I'm also glad that the SNL writers gave this character the Strong, instead of the pretty-girl character; yes, I understand they have to take advantage of her looks, but she could do more than just a 'hot girl'. Strong is a lot more talented than that.