Brett Gardner Could Get Traded...

If it almost happened last offseason, why can it not happen this offseason.

With lots of teams looking to move players and contracts, the New York Yankees might possibly be looking into moveing their own player, left fielder Brett Gardner.

There hasn't been any rumblings or rumors about him going anywhere, this is just me talking. But there's a big chance he could get dealt.

Yankees came very close to trading Gardner to the Cincinnati Reds for Brandon Phillips last offseason. Why not try trading him again this offseason, with him being controlled for the next four years, after signing that extension in the middle of spring training this year.

The reason why the Yankees gave him that extension in the middle of spring training, is for the fact that he was gonna be a free agent this year, they didn't have anyone to fill left field this past season, so they decided to control him for 2014, then -- I'm guessing -- try to trade him this offseason.

With Jacoby Ellsbury locked up for six more years, there's really no need for Gardner on this team. Besides his tremendous defense, the Yankees can't afford to have an outfielder like Gardner with little offense, in a time where the team is struggling for offense. And they already have a leadoff hitter in Ellsbury. The Yankees can't bat Gardner 8th or 9th -- he'll become useless; he won't be able to produce like he would. He's needs to be a leadoff hitter someplace else.

Right now, Yankees would trade defense for offense.

You realize how many power hitting outfielders are free agents next year? Guys like Yoenis Cespedes, Jason Heyward, Justin Upton. Yankees are definitely gonna be in the market for those guys. If the Yankees sign Cespedes, where's Gardner going?

The only problem about trading Gardner is, the Yankees won't have a full-time left fielder. Unless they play Chris Young everyday, which I wouldn't mind -- I like Young. Or...they could sign free agent Nelson Cruz, and put him in left. Not impossible.

There's a possibility Gardner (plus prospects) gets dealt to the Texas Rangers for Elvis Andrus.

Teams are interested in Gardner. I would've like him to stay if we didn't have Ellsbury. National league teams would want a Gardner, since he's speedster and that league is about speed. A team like the Chicago Cubs could be interested in Gardner, being that newly mangers Joe Maddon likes that type of player.

Might not happen, but soon they'll be no need for Gardner on the Yankees.