GIFS: 2004 "Malice At The Palace"

Some call it the worst day in NBA history. Others call it the funniest, craziest day in NBA history.

Where was I ten years ago today? I was in my brothers house for the weekend and was watching this game in the visitor's room. I wasn't even paying attention to this game because it was (like) a 20-point blowout. But it was big game at the time because the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons had a rivalry and were one of the two of the best team in the east.

I remember seeing Ben Wallace, the Pistons center, shoving Ron Artest on the face. That caught my attention but didn't think it'd escalate to what it became. I just thought it was a typical NBA scuffle.

Then one minute later, Artest is laying down on the scoring table and all of sudden I see him run up the stands and attack a fan. I didn't see when the cup hit Artest because I wasn't paying full attention what's going on television. Like I said, I though it was regular NBA, in-your-face scuffle.

When I saw Artest attack that fan, I screamed to my family who were in the living room: "RON ARTEST JUST HIT A FAN! PUT IT ON! PUT IT ON!"

Watching the video again brought back so many memories and tears of joy. Oh man ... What a night that was.

After that, the rest was shocking, stunned, lots of laughs and history.

Decided put some gifs of that crazy night in the NBA.