Andrew Miller Could Setup for Yankees

Andrew Miller's agent made an eye-opening statement yesterday, saying that Miller is "not demanding" to be a closer. He would accept a set-up role, as well.

This is big news for the Yankees. Because with David Robertson most likely gone from being the Yankee closer and Dellin Betances likely to be elected as the next closer, Miller setting up for Betances would be a deadly (DEADLY) back end of the rotation.

If Robertson does go elsewhere, that leaves a whole in the 8th inning role where Betances was dominant in. That changes everything with Miller possibly signing for a set-up role. You know the Yankees would love to have a lefty like Miller setting up for Betances.

I thought Miller wanted be to be a closer. But with Robertson not accepting the qualifying offer from the Yankees and the Yankees not giving him a 4-year $60 million dollar contract, Miller might've thought -- hey, I wouldn't mind setting for Betances.

And we know some nights, Miller will close. Nights where Betances has pitched three-games in-a-row, Miller's gonna be given the ball in the ninth.

I always blabber about players Yankees could get, but don't really need or can't really trade for, but Miller is someone they need, would want and all they have to do is give money.