Injuries & Money Won't Stop Yankees from Tulo

Let's be honest here -- in the past, has money and injuries fret the Yankees into signing a certain player?

In the past couple of years, how many players have the Yankees signed that was big risk in injuries. And how many of them of have been bad? Hardly any of them.

One of the players I can think of that was a huge risk, injury wise, was A.J Burnett. Did he have any injuries? No. He was actually a big part of that championship in 2009. I don't even remember him being injured. If anything, he just had bad starts.

Jacoby Ellsbury is another. He had some nick-nacks here and there this past season, but nothing serious. far.

No question, Troy Tulowitzki has had a lot of injuries in his young career. He's only played over 150 games in two seasons -- which is horrifying for a player making $20 million a year. But really, who plays 162 games, every season... No player does.

Maybe I'm reaching here, but could Tulowitzki's body be dehydrated with the Colorado air. Probably his nagging injuries could heal quicker in the east coast. I know he's played there for seven years, but that air in Colorado could worsen an injury, where it becomes harder to train and heal it. A sore hammy is probably harder to heal in Colorado, than it would be in New York.

I know New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony has said he had weather/air issues when he was living in Denver (as Nugget).

So far, Yankees have had good luck with past, injury prone players.

There are reasons why Tulowitzki on the Yankees make sense. Here's some:

Money is Not The Issue of Getting Tulo

With Mark Teixeira's contract ending in two more years, C.C Sabathia having a couple years left on his contract, by three or so, Tulowitzki's contract won't be an issue. By the time he toward the end of his contract, he could play first. Hell - he could end up playing first in the next couple of years.

He's The Perfect No.3 Hitter

If the Yankees acquire Tulowitzki, they'll have a perfect, legit number three hitter in the lineup. Right now, the Yankees have a bunch of leadoff and four-five hitters. They don't have a quintessential three hitter.

The Yankee lineup would be set, with Tulo in it. You bat him at third, with guys like Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Chase Headley (if he re-signs), Mark Teixeira and possibly Alex Rodriguez. How can you pitch to a lineup like that. A-Rod would only have to hit 15-homeruns.

Tulo's Good For Business

The number one reason why the Yankee hierarchy will look surpass the money and injuries on Tulowitzki, is because he'll sell.

Tulo's gonna sell tickets. Of course, Yankees will always sell tickets, no matter whose playing at short. But getting Tulowitzki would literally have fans breaking the internet to buy opening day tickets, on the day they get him.

Tulo's gonna sell shirts; he's gonna be wanted to market other brands and could very well be the face of the Yankees if they immediately start winning. He's got the look for it.

My Personal Opinion on Tulo

I've been very 50/50 on whether the Yankees should get him or not. It's easy to say 'no' to him, but it's very difficult to say 'no' to Troy Tulowitzki. If healthy, he can really make the Yankees a serious threat in the American League.

Health -- that's all it comes down to Tulowitzki and the Yankees. But if he were healthy and played over 150 games per year, the Yankees probably have no chance of getting him.