Knicks Should Call on David West?

With Lance Stephenson gone and Paul George out for the year, could the Indiana Pacers be interested in in trading their physical, tough power-forward, David West?


If West ever became available this season, I'm calling the Pacers immediately, if I'm the Knicks. I've always liked West. He's a forward that's hard to match with your forward - because he almost has all the things you want in a power-forward guarding the paint. He's almost like a center. On a good night, West would put up 12-points, 6 rebounds and 5 assist.

Right now, West is out with an ankle injury, should be back this week, but there's no talks of trading him, yet. West is 34-years old, so the Pacers could look into trading him

West is only signed for this season and next. He'll be a free agent after next season.

Acquiring him would be so huge for the New York Knicks, that they can legit go far in the regular season and playoffs. He'd give them a blockage in the paint, defensively. He'd also fill up for Tyson Chandler's presence -- but West would be a better player.

West can actually make others around him better, since he's such a good passer. He'd open the floor for Carmelo Anthony and J.R Smith.

He'd even fit perfectly in the triangle, because of his position on the floor. His style would be made for the triangle.

We all know what type player West is and what he brings to a team, but let's not forget how big of playoff performer he is. He relishes in the playoffs. We seen him give the Miami Heat trouble in the eastern conference finals. In big games like that he does so well because he's physical and does little things well. He can body you in the paint, or make the extra pass to the open man for the game-winning shot.

Like I said, there's no reports on West being on the block, but there could be a chance he might be. And boy if he is, that's a player every team would want.