Tommy Darmody!?

Now that's how you end a series! Talk about a plot twist no one saw coming.

Tommy Darmody?! Wow! It's funny how that came about, because earlier in show when Nucky Thompson picks up Tommy from jail, the way Tommy was chillingly, sitting down on that chair, I said to myself: Man, he kinda looks like Jimmy (Darmody).

Even when Nucky was talking to him on the boardwalk, I thought this kid was suppose to be reflection of Jimmy -- to kinda remind us. But never thought it was his son, Tommy.

I think everyone forgot about Tommy. The last we knew about him was - he was being taken care of by Richard Harrow and his wife, Julia Sagorsky. But after Harrow died, everyone forgot about Tommy. Looks like he ran away from Julia.

Not only Tommy ran away from Julia, seems like he contacted his "mi-ma" grandma, Gillian Darmody. Guessing they planned a hit on Nucky.

Everyone complained about how Jimmy Darmody was killed off so early in the series and people wonder if he'd actually come back in season five - in someway. And he was part of it, since his son had the biggest scene.

When season five began and they showed the story of how Nucky grew up, I thought it was kinda useless. Didn't see the meaning of showing this. Sure it was interesting and I was interested in seeing how Nucky became so powerful, though it didn't make much sense to me to show how he grew, until, they showed how he met Gillian. Then obviously at the final episode I really saw why the writers wanted to add that in.

I'm glad they showed that story and ended with it. It showed how Gillian was mistreated and that she's not all in fault of her demons. Yes, she was nuts, but she couldn't been helped by Nucky, instead, Nucky was the reason why she became so troubling, because of his greed. He used her and used her for something terrible.

When Commodore Louis Kaestner took the badge away from Nucky, I thought: oh okay, Nucky is gonna tell on everyone how he was having sex with young girls and that's how Nucky takes over Atlantic City. No. I'm forgetting that Gillian and Kaestner had a child together, which was Jimmy.

Nucky couldn't turn down the money. He was so infatuated about "getting ahead" in life, where he so afraid of turning down Kaestner, who was doing awful things. We also have to remember that Nucky was a kid, when he was sherif working for Kaestner. A poor kid who had no options.

So, showing the old story of how Nucky became successful, turned out to be an essential.

An amazing storyline. It's a shame this show didn't get the publicity it should've gotten.

The whole cast in this series wasn't good, wasn't great, they were BRILLIANT. Every single one. They had such diversity in their looks, styles and acting. A very good looking cast.

It was a sad ending and but a fun one, at the same time. Soon, we'll be hearing 'we want a Tommy Darmody spinoff'! And I'll be a part of it.