Knicks Need to Carry this Energy into the Season

I know it's just a preseason game, but this was a big win for the New York Knicks. A big win, as we head to the opening tip off next week. 

You want the Knicks to go into the start of next week, feeling good. You don't want them having go into next week feeling still unbalanced with this new style of offense and new players. Though tonight's win, I feel was a great confidence builder going into home start against the Chicago Bulls. 

The one, major thing I loved about this Knick win, was how together they played. A very cohesive Knick team. The excitement, energy they brought on the floor seem very promising, considering a new coach, new players; I understand it's just one game, but I like the win with the preseason games dwindling and it was against one of the eastern conference elite teams, the Washington Wizards.

Knicks needed a win like this, before starting the season. This game felt like a regular season game in March. That's a good game to have before the season starts.

Knicks winning a close game like this, is also very encouraging. Because I think that's something they've lacked last season and even the season before with they won 54 games. That season in 2012-13, they couldn't win a close game. All they games they won in the playoffs that year, were mostly blowouts. In the playoffs and against great teams, you gotta win those close games. 

The ball movement was sensational, in this game. Tight games that were played like this last season, the Knicks would lose. Because they would so stagnate with the ball. All they did was give it to Carmelo Anthony. In this game, Pablo Prigioni had one of the big buckets in the 4th quarter -- talk about a change of style of offense for the Knicks. 

Prigioni was 3-3 from three-point range. He's always been silent, deadly three-point shooter. Happy to see him abuse that aspect of his game.  

Knicks had a win like this without their starting point-guard, Jose Calderon. That says a lot, because they'll be even better with him. 

Amare Stoudemire looked very good as well. Wasn't flashing; didn't have any big dunks, all he did was just shoot the ball. Basic scoring. And you know what, if Stoudemire can do what he did in this game, take it into the upcoming season, which is: 13 points, 8 rebounds -- I'll gladly take it. Don't need him to score 25 a night, like he did in 2010. Maybe Stoudemire's changed his game. 

All and all, great win for the Knicks. And really, all they have to do is have ball movement and have the same energy like they showed in this game, into the season. If they can do that, this team might unexpectly find themselves higher in the seed by the end of April.